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The New York Jets delivered their biggest win under Todd Bowles, rallying from a 10-point, 4th quarter deficit to sneak away with a 23-20 overtime victory. By virtue of their win, the Jets snap a five-game losing streak to the Giants and cement their status as a Wildcard contender in the AFC. The Jets were resilient on both sides on the ball while taking advantage of some questionable decisions made by Tom Coughlin. The Jets’ offense was stagnant for nearly three quarters, but Coughlin’s decision to ‘go-for-it’ on 4th-and-Goal from the Jets’ 2-yard line swung momentum in the Jets’ favor. The Giants were holding a 10-point lead, so it was a very questionable decision by Coughlin. Regardless, Coughlin’s decision gave the Jets an opening—and Ryan Fitzpatrick and Brandon Marshall ran through it. Fitzpatrick and Marshall connected for a 9-yard scoring strike with just 27 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter. This scoring play knotted the score at 20. In overtime, the Jets pushed the ball downfield, but settled for a field goal by new kicker, Randy Bullock. Giants’ kicker, Josh Brown, missed his game-tying kick in overtime, handing the Jets the victory. Overall, it was a very emotional game and tempers ran high at times, but the duo of Fitzpatrick-Marshall, not Manning-Beckham, proved to be the winning combo.

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Eli Manning, Shaun O'Hara Interview

Eli Manning tells former teammate that surgery has made him faster because “I can’t get any slower.”

Ex-Giant Shaun O’Hara took the stage to introduce former teammate Eli Manning.

The pair were promoting a recent “FinDD Eli” contest where a lucky fan would get to join Eli in an upcoming Dunkin Donuts commercial.

With Eli’s track record for commercials being arguably as great as his two-time Super Bowl MVP career, that’s quite a prize for DD to be giving away. (“Football Cops”, “Football On Your Phone”)

When O’Hara brought Eli up to the stage for a brief Q&A, Eli’s first question to him was, “How many munchkins did you eat today?” in which O’Hara, without hesitation, answered “27, does that sound familiar?”

A quick dig at Eli’s 27 interceptions in 2013.

Eli took it in stride and got his payback when asked about his ankle surgery. Asked if there were any truth to the rumors that the procedure would actually make Eli faster, he responded, “Yes, definitely, because I can’t get any slower.” He also explained that because he’s a traditional pocket passer, it’s more about elusiveness in the pocket and his ability to slide around tacklers like “after O’Hara would miss his blocking assignments.”

O’Hara 1, Eli 1

Manning made it clear he has no reservations about the ankle at all effecting him in the upcoming season. One he believes will see them back in the playoffs and hopefully winning another championship.

“Last year we got off to such a rough start, but the way the team finished and stuck with each other, we grew up as a team last year. We gotta remember that and bring it into this season to get back to the playoffs and win another championship.”

After just 12 practices at OTA’s, Manning says the team should come into training camp ready to go.

The New Giants Offensive System

“If anyone mastered a new offense in 12 practices, it would be a pretty simple offense.”

This year will be the first that Eli is playing without offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride (retired), who has been replaced with Ben McAdoo.

Ten years in one offensive system certainly allowed Eli to get more and more advanced throughout his career and become a leader for the offense. The biggest change for Manning is the verbiage of the new system. He noted that when making quick decisions, knowing what to yell out to his teammates is key. With Cruz, now the veteran of the receiving corps, it’s easy for the two to communicate with the language they’ve both become accustomed to. Look for this to increase Cruz’s targets in games where adjustments need to be made on the fly.

With so many new guys, they’re all learning this new system and studying together. Old and new players alike have been putting in the work during OTAs to get the team chemistry going and learning each other’s personalities and on-field communication routines.

Manning feels good about where the team is now and knows the preseason games this year will be highly beneficial in solidifying that chemistry.

Potential For The Giants Receivers

The Giants have a lot of new receivers, and offensive players across the board. Along with the new system, that gives potential to see some different faces rise (and fall) to the spotlight.

Manning spoke about his receiving corps:

Rueben Randle

Rueben Randle’s gotta step up and have a great year, and has the potential to do so in his third NFL season. According to Manning, it’s time for Randle to be consistent week in and week out.

Victor Cruz

Manning will continue to look to get to Victor Cruz quickly and let him make plays with the ball.

Odell Beckham Jr.

Rookie Odell Beckham Jr has got a lot of speed and talent. Beckham’s only been out there a few times (sore hamstring), but for a rookie he’s very polished with his route running and his sticks. Manning can see that he was obviously well coached at LSU and in high school.  His knack and feel for getting open, and seeing his bursts and his route running have Eli excited.

Jerrel Jernigan & Mario Manningham

With Jernigan showing some talent last season, and bringing back Super Bowl teammate Manningham after his brief stint with the 49’ers, Eli Manning says the offense has plenty of weapons.

The 2014 season should show the New York Football Giants, when fine-tuned, playing very fast. Manning will be getting the ball out quickly letting the receivers be athletic and make plays.

Going into their eleventh season together, Coach Coughlin still always talks about being a professional and taking care of your business. Everyone knows Coughlin stresses being prepared, and Eli is no different. Sticking to the Coughlin school of work hard, be passionate and dedicated, Eli has clearly left last season in the past and ready to take on 2014 with the clarity and focus that you hear promised in commercials for energy drinks.

Manning is focused on making the players around him the best that they can be, and says he’ll have the offensive team prepared to play every week.

Dunkin Donuts “FinDD Eli” Contest

FinDD Eli event in Ramsey,N.J., Thursday, June 19, 2014. (Photo/Stuart Ramson)

FinDD Eli winner with Shaun O’Hara and Eli Manning (Photo/Stuart Ramson)

In May, Dunkin’ Donuts launched the “FinDD Eli” on-the-cup promotion, where specially marked medium or large beverage offered guests the chance to “find” the New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning via an exciting on-the-cup peel and reveal game and online scavenger hunt.

Thirty-one winners were invited to meet Eli Manning on Thursday, June 19th at a Dunkin’ Donuts in Ramsey, NJ, where the ultimate grand prize was announced – the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to appear alongside New York Giants Superstar QB Eli Manning in an upcoming Dunkin’ Donuts commercial.

After enjoying a Q&A between Eli Manning and his former teammate Shaun O’Hara, the thirty-one attendees each received a sealed envelope. After counting down from the number ten in honor of Manning’s jersey number, the guests all ripped open their envelopes and the grand prize winner was revealed. David Driscoll of Springfield, NJ was the lucky recipient of the “FinDD Eli” cutout, and will be preparing for his television debut in a Dunkin’ Donuts commercial with Eli Manning. All attendees received a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card, tickets to 2014 New York Giants training camp, and a photograph with Eli Manning.

Eli Manning And I Are Actually Twins

In a non-football related discovery, this was my first time meeting Eli Manning in person.

Most people will say that Eli and Peyton look very similar, which they do. Eli even told a (questionably true) story where he was in a local Dunkin Donuts one morning and some guys in the store were debating with him (not realizing who he was) whether he looked more like Eli Manning or Michael Phelps.

I was as shocked as anyone to find out that Eli Manning and I are actually twins, created from a combination of the greatest men on earth as an experiment a la Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito . Like they say, you learn something new every day.

Eli Manning Twins


After last week’s dominant performance against Atlanta, I told everyone that I came into contact with that the Giants were going to beat the Packers. I predicted it here. (I went 4-0 this weekend, by the way). I told people from Wisconsin that I met at my business conference. (They laughed). I told random people in the subway. I expect a tight game with the Giants pulling it out late. Instead, the Giants dug deep and just embarrassed the Packers.

Tom Was Tom--AP Photo

The Giant defense recovered three fumbles, forced one interception, and sacked Aaron Rodgers four times. Eli Manning threw for 339 yards (249 in the first half) and three TDs. Hakeem Nicks caught a hail mary touchdown pass before halftime. Brandon Jacobs finally ran north-to-south and scored the ‘goodnight the lights’ TD with three minutes to go. The Giant offense outgained the prolific Packer offense, 420 to 388. Special teams created turnovers. Tom was Tom. The Giants waved ‘goodbye’ to Aaron Rodgers and his horrible ‘Discount Count Double Check’ commercials. (Thank God). We’ll have more for coverage, but the Giants are heading to San Francisco to avenge another early season loss and punch their ticket to the Super Bowl.

Bang--AP Photo

NYSOS is happy to announce that we have new, part-time, guest writer, Todd Giannattasio. Todd has been a Giants season ticket holder for twenty years (!!) and has never missed a home game. Todd will provide content on the Giants, Rangers, and Knicks. Without further is Todd’s first contribution to New York State of Sports..

'Green Bay is THAT way!'

Before the regular season even began, football fans heard endless rants about the Philadelphia ‘Dream Team’ and how this team was destined for greatness. The Giants were regarded by many as an outcast team with a lame duck coach and shoddy defense. However, the Giants proved to be the best team in the NFC East, winning nine games, including some big wins against New England, the Jets, and Dallas twice. Even after winning their final two games, the Giants are not receiving the credit they deserve. Every ‘analyst’ and ‘expert’ is predicting that the Packers, Patriots, and Saints are by far the favorites to hoist the Lombari Trophy in Indy. However, here are six reasons why the Giants can win it all..

Deja Vu All Over Again??

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Shut up, Rex.

And enough with the B.S.

The New York Football Giants had all the cards stacked against them against impetuous coach Rex Ryan and his New York Jets. It was unclear how this Giants team would respond at a point of return, with their playoff lives in their hands, just a short week after laying a dud against the lowly Washington Redskins. Add in a full week of trash talking to an already hate-filled rivalry, which left myself wondering whether the Giants had fallen for the trap and played right into the over-exuberant hand of Ryan and the Jets.

The Giants responded, though, by playing up when the time called for it – playing a solid-if-unspectacular game – all the while putting the Jets’ season in jeopardy by defeating them ‘on the road’ 29-14.

With the win, the Giants improve to 8-7 heading into next week’s battle with Dallas.

Credit: Yahoo! News

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577. Digest that for a second.

577=yards of total offense recorded by the Saints tonight. Those 577 yards netted out to 49 points scored. Yardage-wise, this was the second worst defensive effort in Giant football history. The Giants simply had no answer for Drew Brees.

This season, Brees, Aaron Rodgers, and Tom Brady have been putting on clinics, week after week. Tonight was Brees’s stage as he delivered a historic performance. Brees to Moore. Brees to Graham. Brees keeps it himself. Brees was damn near unstoppable (5 total TDs) as the Giants failed to register a sack or create any sort of pressure. This Giant defense is an absolute disgrace right now and they better find the answers and find them in a hurry.

For as bad as the defense was, Eli Manning deserves a lot of credit. Eli started the second half off by completing 16 straight passes. Eli’s 407 yards were more than Brees, but he wasn’t as efficient as Brees was. Eli did his best to keep the Saints off the line of scrimmage to open up the running game. Brandon Jacobs played a little bit better (46 yards, 1 TD), but was jawing and trash talking to the Saints all game long. Brandon, no one wants to hear the mouth any longer. The Jets talk and talk when they are down double digits. For me, Jacobs is in the Jets category–loud mouth, arrogant player. He needs a new home and I wouldn’t hesitate to send him packing today!

Bottom line–the Giant defensive effort (especially in the first half) was putrid. It was horrible. I had to turn it off. Great job by the Saints to cement their legitimacy among NFC contenders. Bad job by the Giants for just about everything.

The Saints have a great passing attack, but the Giants will now have to worry about the league’s hottest QB coming to town (on a short week) with his Packer friends. Getting Ahmad Bradshaw (foot) back may not be enough to keep Rodgers on the sidelines!

The Giants sent a message to Ahmad Bradshaw yesterday by calling his bluff and inviting free-agent running back Jason Snelling to camp. With Snelling at the Giants’ practice facilities for a meeting with coaches, Bradshaw finally came around and agreed to terms on a new deal.

Meanwhile, if Osi Umenyiora wants to leave, the Giants have granted him permission to do so.

More on both situations after the jump.
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Labeled as a flat-out frenzy, the likes of which we have never seen in the age of free agency in sports, the rushed heart of the NFL offseason has certainly been a roller coaster ride so far. If your sports compass is going haywire as a result of the madness, that’s alright – we’re here to help.

It’s no surprise that Big Blue has been busy thus far, in just a couple short days. Let’s recap the cuts, the contracts, and the old faces in new places – after the jump.

Getty Images

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As the Draft inches closer, speculation grows as to where certain prospects will land. Let’s take a deeper look at the Giants’ drafts over the past decade, and see if we can spot any trends or habits.
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