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They thought it was more important to look at the press cameras instead of my cell phone.

Today I had the great opportunity to head over to Yankee Stadium and be part of the press conference with Joe Girardi and Terry Collins. The event started with some talk about how much they both love Dunkin Donuts (sponsor of the event).

Girardi and Collins both spoke about the cross-town rivalry and what it means to the teams. They agreed that it’s the passion of the fans that really drives it. When the Mets were in Washington fans were asking them about it before the Nationals series was even over. Girardi brought up how it’s tough to go out around town if you lose because he knows he’ll hear about it from the Mets fans teasing him and the Yankee fans being upset.

Collins spoke on Johan Santana’s last outing with the no-hitter and had a funny anecdote that after the seventh inning no one would even be there to answer the bullpen phone because everyone back there was up along the fence watching.

How has Andy Pettite effected the clubhouse, his play on the field is better than anyone expected right away, how has he made the team better off the field?

Girardi: His presence is really powerful because he has an expectation for himself and for everyone else. He’s made a difference in the rotation, you can see the rotation has consistently gotten better since he joined. I don’t know if they’re worried he’s going to take one of their spots, but I really believe it’s his presence. His calmness and preparation, for the other guys to be able to see a 39 year old man go to work everyday, I think you can learn a lot from him. He means a lot more to this team than just the day that he pitches.

What did Dickey find at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro that has him leading the league in wins? 

Collins: A better knuckler with command of that sucker!

How is it different going into a big game as a player compared to as a manager?

Girardi: It’s much easier as a player, you’re only responsible for yourself and once you get on the field and start playing all that stuff goes away and you’re focused on that one play or pitch. As a manager you’re responsible for a lot more people out there and you need to focus on setting up the bullpen and everything else.

How do you feel about interleague throughout the season instead of once a year?

Girardi: Well, it’ll be different because usually you try to get everybody ready for about a month, but now you always have to be ready. It’ll be good though because we won’t have those long stands where we lose the DH. Last year we lost our DH for 9 straight games. This year we won’t have that, so it’ll be better that way.

What’s your philosophy with managing a big name, big money roster?

Girardi: It’s nice! But money doesn’t always produce wins, it just means you’ve done it already and they expect you to continue to do it. But they don’t wanna be treated like that, they’re human beings. They have their good days and their bad days and their issues. They want to be treated like men. They know the expectations of putting on a Yankee uniform and that’s what I try to manage.

Two months into the season, what do you like about your team so far and what do you think needs to be improved on?

Collins: To improve, we need to start getting healthy. We need to get Jason back in the lineup and Tejada back in the lineup. What I like is our passionate play. I’ve told people, our young players, they don’t know they’re not supposed to be very good. When they take the field, they think they’re gonna win and that’s the way they’ve gone about it. I credit the veterans on the club, the leadership that they’ve shown in the clubhouse. That’s the fun part of watching them play every night. They don’t get down about it and when they have a good game they don’t get too high either. They know they have to come back out the next day. The young guys are trying to survive, they wanna stay here. They want to go out and show people they belong here.

Girardi: With the struggles that we’ve had at times and the injuries we’ve had, we’re only a half game out of first place I give those guys a lot of credit. No matter who goes down, someone is there to step up. The bullpen has done a tremendous job. We’ve had some struggles with the starting rotation and hitting with runners in scoring position and we look up and we’re a half a game out and I believe all that’s going to change, that bodes well for us.

Talk a little about what’s going on with Ike Davis?

Collins: We try to preach patience in this organization and this guy has tremendous ability. I still believe your seeing the effects of a guy who missed an entire season and is trying to get back. I want to make sure Ike understands we’re behind him and he’s gotta continue to work. If you talk to the players they’ll tell you he’s a tremendous teammate and you don’t wanna lose that. I’ve never seen a guy would come who would come to bat, not a big situation, and have more teammates routing for him to get a hit. To me, I don’t wanna lose those kinda guys.

The minute all of a sudden where a decision is gonna be made, it’s gonna be made with enough to back it up and make a decision and have given him every opportunity but right now we’re not at that point.

Other notes from the conference:

– Jason Bay will be in the lineup and playing left field tonight.

– Gardner said that his elbow wasn’t feeling sore and will be playing this weekend in Charleston.

– Robertson threw live bp yesterday and they’re waiting to see how he feels today and if all is well he’ll go on a rehab start.

– Mariano Rivera has been around the team on all home stands.

*some answers are paraphrased


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In the season finale, Miguel Batista and Mike Baxter were the ones who led the Mets to a win.  Batista started and completed the shutout, and Baxter crushed a 2-run homer to give the Mets a final record of 77-85.

The main story of the game, however, was Jose Reyes.  In what was possibly his final game as a Met, he led off with a bunt single, which pushed his NL-leading average to .337.  In a move that drew the ire of the Citi Field crowd, Terry Collins pulled him right after.  The fans had every right to be upset there — it’s understandable that they wanted to protect Reyes’ lead for the batting title, but the fans deserved more than that.  The guy has been an integral part of the team since being called up in 2003, and just submitted his finest season yet.  That kind of tenure needed a fitting salute — the fans should have had the chance to go crazy for him the whole game, and then probably end it with one last standing ovation.  But it was his call — Reyes asked to be pulled, so the batting title’s more important to him.

Congrats to Pete Flynn, retiring after 50 years as a groundskeeper (AP Photo/Kathy Kmonicek)

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The Nationals completed a 4-game sweep of the Mets at Citi Field and leapfrogged the Mets for 3rd place in the NL East.  The Mets are now 8 games under .500, at 71-79.

Really, what’s to say about this game (or the series, for that matter)?  After playing inspired baseball for most of the year, this team now looks like it just wants October to get here already so they can hit the golf courses.  The offense scored 1 run (they’ve scored a combined 5 runs in this series), the defense committed another 2 errors, and the bullpen got rocked for 8 runs.

(AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

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The Nats beat the Mets for the third straight game, as David Wright‘s third-inning error opened the floodgates for the only 2 runs of the game to score.  The Mets are limping to the finish line with their 4th straight loss, and 6th in their last 7 games.  They are now 71-78 on the season.

Mike Pelfrey was solid tonight, but Nats rookie Brad Peacock was a little better.  Peacock (and the rest of the Nats pitchers) shut out the Mets, while Pelfrey gave up 2 runs (both unearned).  The Mets had their chances with runners on base, but just couldn’t get anyone in, batting 1-11 with runners in scoring position.  Jose Reyes lined out to Rick Ankiel (who made a nice diving grab) with 2 on to end the game.

Chin up, Jose. There's always the batting title. (Photo by Christopher Pasatieri/Getty Images)

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After 2 straight inspiring wins, the Mets played an ugly one to drop to 58-58 on the season.  R.A. Dickey took yet another home loss, and the San Diego Padres pounced on a ton of Mets mistakes to win this one.

Wow, was this a stinker — where to start with all the miscues?  2 throwing errors in the 2nd inning.  Loading the bases with none out in the 2nd and failing to score at all.  Ruben Tejada getting thrown out at home on a sac fly because he didn’t slide.  Letting the Padres execute a double steal in which the lead runner stole home.  This is one Terry Collins & Co. will surely want to forget.

Back to drawing board...(Paul Bereswill/Getty Images)

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The New York Mets and Milwaukee Brewers shocked everyone after the All Star Game on Tuesday night when they announced a trade that sent closer Francisco Rodriguez and cash to the Brewers for two players to be named later. Although moving K-Rod was inevitable, no one would’ve expected it to occur immediately following the ASG. That being said, I hope Sandy Alderson made the best deal available. For anyone that does not know, a “player to be named later” is one in which the GM chooses from a list of players that the other GM has deemed available to acquire. In this case, Alderson has until September to scout and select any two players out of five that were offered. Regardless of the return, Alderson was able to move a guy with a huge 2012 option that was guaranteed to vest. This gives him more financial flexibility in the offseason to sign a Jose Reyes or other free agents to improve the organization.

With Francisco Rodriguez out, there is a vacancy in the closer role that is screaming Bobby Parnell’s name. Parnell has the makeup of a closer at 6’4″ 200 lbs throwing 98-100+ mph heat. The only question is whether or not he can turn his raw talent into success in the role. Since getting called up to the majors in 2008, Parnell has been thrust into and out of the starting and middle relief role. After a failed experiment as a starter, he was given an opportunity to setup for Francisco Rodriguez where he has struggled to find consistency ever since. When he is on his game, hitters can’t touch his fastball and slider combo. If he wants to excel in the closer role, these pitches need to be perfected. Otherwise, Terry Collins can look to Jason Isringhausen or Pedro Beato for the job.

Who would you like to see getting the bulk of the closing duties?

Jose Reyes’ four-hit night led the way for the Mets 8-5 win over the Texas Rangers on Sunday afternoon. Dillon Gee pitched six productive innings in his home state, bouncing back from his last start for his 8th victory on the year. The Mets take the series in Arlington and make their way back to .500 on the season.


Reyes always finds a way to get his uniform dirty.

Getty Images

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It’s been an interesting season so far for Mets fans, to say the least.  To begin the season, no one knew what to expect from this squad, but many Mets fans were bracing for the worst.  In a division that featured a perennial powerhouse, last year’s Wild Card winner, and 2 (seemingly) improved teams, a last place  finish for the Mets didn’t seem out of the question.  But after 72 games, the Mets are 35-37, 3rd in the division, and 5 games back in the Wild Card race.  Before the season started, if one was to say that the Mets would be where they’re currently at, I think most Mets fans would’ve taken it in a heartbeat.  How they got here is pretty impressive already.

Just another RBI for Turner...(UPI/John Angelillo)

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The New York Mets defeated the Colorado Rockies 9-5 on Thursday night at Coors Field. After a postponement and then rain delay, they take a much needed series on the road. Carlos Beltran powered the Mets to a victory, putting them at a 17-20 record.


"I love this ballpark!"


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The New York Mets defeated the Washington Nationals 6-3 on Wednesday night in a back and forth campaign in the late innings. The victory puts the Mets at an 11-13 record for the season. They are now riding a six-game winning streak as they thrust themselves out of last place in the NL East.


Certainly the catalyst moment of the game…

Associated Press

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