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Over the last two days, I have highlighted the Giants’ offensive and special teams. Today, we’ll highlight the straw that stirs the drink–the defense.

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As the 2012 NFL Draft approaches following the Giants’ Super XLVI victory, a safety could once again be on the team’s list of targets – similar to the 2008 Draft following the Giants’ Super Bowl XLII victory, in which they drafted Kenny Phillips.

That brings us to today’s Prospect Profile, safety Harrison Smith out of Notre Dame. While not without athletic ability, he lacks the top athleticism of other safety prospects. But the strength of Smith’s game lies in his fundamental soundness. He is a well-rounded and solid football player, who does everything well and is excellent in his execution. Let’s see if he’s a good fit after the jump.

National Football Post

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Shut up, Rex.

And enough with the B.S.

The New York Football Giants had all the cards stacked against them against impetuous coach Rex Ryan and his New York Jets. It was unclear how this Giants team would respond at a point of return, with their playoff lives in their hands, just a short week after laying a dud against the lowly Washington Redskins. Add in a full week of trash talking to an already hate-filled rivalry, which left myself wondering whether the Giants had fallen for the trap and played right into the over-exuberant hand of Ryan and the Jets.

The Giants responded, though, by playing up when the time called for it – playing a solid-if-unspectacular game – all the while putting the Jets’ season in jeopardy by defeating them ‘on the road’ 29-14.

With the win, the Giants improve to 8-7 heading into next week’s battle with Dallas.

Credit: Yahoo! News

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As the Draft inches closer, speculation grows as to where certain prospects will land. Let’s take a deeper look at the Giants’ drafts over the past decade, and see if we can spot any trends or habits.
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We’ve already looked at two other defensive backs in this year’s prospect profiles: Rashad Carmichael out of Virginia Tech, and Marcus Gilchrist out of Clemson. Today’s NY SOS draft prospect profile will cover Jaiquawn Jarrett, a safety out of Temple University.

This past weekend, the National Football Post reported that Jarrett was scheduled to visit Big Blue. Based on the defense that Perry Fewell incorporated last year, it’s easy to get excited about the Giants being interested in this kid.

I’ll try to keep my excitement to a minimum, but I just can’t help myself.

Before we get to the scouting reports, take a look at this clip and listen to the commentary, picture Jarrett in Fewell’s defense and you’ll understand why I’m so high on Jarrett:

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Continuing with our 2011 Draft Prospects series, today we’ll take a look at Marcus Gilchrist – a very intriguing, projected mid/late-round pick out of Clemson.

Deon Grant could potentially leave as a free agent; the no longer appealing Michael Johnson spent much of last season on injured reserve; and the Giants would certainly want some protection if Kenny Phillips is injured again. With all of this considered, I definitely see the Giants grabbing a safety at some point in the Draft.

With that, let’s take a closer look at Marcus Gilchrist.

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The G-Men survived to win their third straight game, in which they looked unimpressive at times but found ways to win. Eleven penalties committed by the Lions helped a lot, as did the three turnovers our defense forced.

The Lions lost their 24th straight road game, amazingly tying the NFL record they set from 2001-03. Somebody help them out…

It was a lot closer than we would have liked. But as they say, a win is a win. I’ll take a 4-2 record and the No. 1 seed in the NFC right now any week.

Don't Reach; Getty Images

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The Giants went on the road Sunday afternoon to face the Houston Texans: a team with the NFL’s number one rushing offense, number two rushing defense, and a team most people think could challenge the Colts in the AFC South.

They didn’t just beat them, they hammered them, 34-10. They whooped them bad, from start to finish. The last two weeks seem to be starting a Giant trend, as Big Blue has won two straight for the first time in a whole year and has their defense ranked number one in the NFC.

Getty Images

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Eli Manning threw three touchdown passes, all to Hakeem Nicks, as the New York Football Giants rolled in the second half to beat the Carolina Panthers, 31-18.

Touchdown #2; Getty Images

The first win at the New Giants Stadium (we won today, and the old one was ours…it belongs to the Giants) avenges the loss that came in the final Giants game at the former Giants Stadium last season, and the disgust that was felt by me and 80,000 others in attendance. This was a huge, almost necessary win for the Giants, and this is something the players would probably tell you, too: it puts last season in the rearview mirror where it belongs and it gets the new year off to a great start, which I think might be taken a bit for granted. You can’t underestimate what it means to be 1-0 as opposed to 0-1 (just ask Dallas).

The first half was sloppy, and a lot of things need to be worked on this week, but the second half showed a glimpse of what this team is made of.
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…But Rex Ryan sent a loud, profane message to the football world and anyone who would listen on the first episode of Hard Knocks: his Jets are the kings of New York and can beat any team, anywhere, anytime. The Giants would like to send a little message Monday night at 8:00, and take the Jets off their pedestal.

The rookie class of 2010 will get their first reps as Giants tonight; AP Photo

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