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Let’s face it. No one knows where Cliff Lee will sign. ESPN Los Angeles thinks he will go to the Angels. Within a span of a day, the Washington Nationals, spending like a kid with their parents’ credit card, were “prepared to offer Lee a 7-year contract”, only to have the story retracted later. The Texas Rangers still think they can lasso Lee back to Texas based on his “likeness to his time in Arlington” according to ESPN Dallas – Fort Worth. Lastly, ESPN New York seems to think the Yankees are ready to make their big purchase. As you can see, there can be no conclusion drawn besides A. Teams want Cliff Lee, B. Teams besides the Yankees want Cliff Lee and C. ESPN has too many websites giving spectulative information. However, if another team manages to sign him, the Yankees will need to have a contingency plan, especially with the recent news out of the Andy Pettitte camp. Let’s look at some possible free agent targets, and if there is any shot the Yankees will sign them.

Hey Cliff - Seattle Weekly

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Boy, doesn’t it feel great to have baseball back? The Northeast had to endure one of the snowiest winters in recent memory. Having the Boys of Summer back makes fans completely forget about snow blowers and snow shovels.

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So far, most teams have completed their first five games of the season. We’ve seen long home runs, impressive pitching performances, and whiny umpires. Amidst all the fanfare of the first week, which players have stood out so far? Who should fantasy key on?

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