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Through the next few weeks, I’ll highlight each New York team (and their opposition) on both sides of the ball. Granted, some free agency moves will happen in the next few months, but these articles should give fans a general idea for the structure of each division. Without further delay, here is the preview of 2012 New York Giants offense.

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Prospect Profiles are back, with today’s feature on Stanford tight end Coby Fleener. Fleener is one of the top tight ends in this year’s crop, mostly alternating between one or two now thanks in part to Georgia product Orson Charles’s recent DUI. Fleener is such an intriguing prospect because of his combination of size and playmaking ability, as well as his substantial experience in a pro style offense while at Stanford.

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Donald Miralle/Getty Images

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With both Jake Ballard and Travis Beckum likely out for the beginning of the upcoming season after suffering torn ACLs in the Super Bowl, the Giants will assuredly do something about the tight end position in the offseason. The selection of top free agents at the position is nothing to write home about, bringing us to today’s Prospect Profile: tight end Dwayne Allen of Clemson.

Given Allen’s ability at the tight end position and the high demand for a tight end at the moment, he would be an ideal mix of value and need at the end of round one.
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Plain and Simple: The Giants put an end to the ‘Patriot Dynasty’ on Sunday. 

More Complex: Have the Giants started a dynasty of their own?

Eli Being Eli--AP Photo

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Eli Manning’s 4th quarter TD pass to TE Jake Ballard to beat the Patriots in Foxborough contained many key elements – a coverage breakdown, offensive execution, and a very familiar route concept.

The situation: Patriots 20, Giants 17. On 2nd and goal from the 1, with a chance to win the game, Eli hands off to Brandon Jacobs and he gets stuffed. Which brings us to 3rd and goal, only about a foot away from the goal line, with 19 seconds left and no timeouts. The scheme: Flat-7 (corner) combination on the goal line out of Heavy Personnel (3 TE, 2 RB), and use play action to the open (weak) side of the formation. The read: deep (corner route) to short (flat route), testing the discipline of the Pats’ defense.

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