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Yesterday, the Nets fired head coach, Avery Johnson. Johnson, who was November’s Coach of the Month, watched his team post a 3-10 record in December. Many believe Johnson no longer inspired his team. Others are pointing the finger at Deron Williams who has a history of pushing out head coaches. In either scenario, the Nets will turn to assistant coach, PJ Carlisemo. Carliesemo’s career coaching record, 204-296, may not inspire the struggling Nets. Could Phil Jackson solve Brooklyn’s woes?

Reports suggest the Nets and their lavish owner will reach out Jackson. Despite ‘retiring’ after the 2010 season, Jackson seems to have the itch to coach again. Earlier this season, Jackson was shunned by the Lakers. Details were not disclosed, but many believe Jackson wanted a sweet heart coaching package (i.e. not travelling for some road trips). Despite some petty demands, Jackson brings along his championship rings and success with the Triangle Offense. Jackson’s Triangle Offenses captured 11 of the last 20 NBA Titles.

Phil Jackson brings a lot of success and flare, but he’s not a great fit for Brooklyn. Brooklyn’s roster is comprised of younger players that lack an identify. Jackson is used to having one or two dominant, go-to players at his disposal and Brooklyn lacks a true leader. In addition, Brooklyn does not have the personnel to run the Triangle Offense. The Triangle Offense is predicated by ball movement, player moment, and crisp outside shooting. Williams and Joe Johnson are above average shooters and facilitators, but Gerald Wallace and Kris Humphries are not ideal fits. In fact, the Triangle Offense needs a hybrid power forward that can pass well and shoot from the outside. Andray Blatche fits that billing, but Humphries isn’t making $10 million to sit on the bench. The Triangle Offense takes time to install and perfect, so the impantient Nets may not want to wait.

Phil Jackson is 67-years-old and should stay retired if he can’t fully committ himself. If he did come back, Jackson needs a ready-made contender and Brooklyn needs a lot of work. Brooklyn has some talented players, but the pieces simply don’t fit together. Williams and Johnson need a lot of touches and the Triangle Offense takes the ball out of the point guard’s hands. Despite his past success and history of coaching in New York, this is one situation Phil Jackson should avoid.

No team has been as active during the offseason as the Nets, who will begin the 2012/2013 season in their new home of Brooklyn. It may take some time for the team to band together and gel, but as the year wears on, the Nets may become a darkhorse in the Eastern Conference. Does that make them a worthy team to back with your free NBA picks?

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Last night, the Nets and Atlanta Hawks agreed to a trade that will send shooting guard, Joe Johnson to Brooklyn for package of expiring contracts and a lottery protected first round pick. Effectively, the Hawks shed a $90 million contract while the Nets bolstered their starting lineup in an effort to keep Deron Williams. Johnson has averaged at least 18.2 points per game during his seven years with Atlanta. By making this trade, signing Gerald Wallace, and potentially Deron Williams, the Nets do not have the money or assets to acquire Dwight Howard

Sources say that the Magic were unwillingly to talk trade with the Nets. Currently, Brook Lopez and Kris Humphries are not under contract and the Nets are not willing to part with Marshon Brooks in any deal. A sign-and-trade isn’t possible and the Nets lack the cap room to get Howard. Trading Gerald Wallce isn’t a possibility, either. The Nets are expected to re-sign both Kris Humphries and Brook Lopez.

From the Nets’ perspective, I don’t understand why they would take on Joe Johnson’s contract. The Nets will effectively pay Johnson $90 million over the next three seasons. The Nets could amnesty Johnson next season, but that wouldn’t make much sense. Bottom line, the Nets are pulling out all the stops to keep Deron Williams.

Many expect Deron to re-sign with the Nets and a starting five of Williams-Johnson-Wallace-Humphries-Lopez could vie for a Top 4 playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. This lineup lacks to the firepower to challenge the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder, but should be good enough to be a playoff contender. 

For the third time in the last calendar year, Dwight Howard has demanded a trade to the Nets. Howard, who picked up his 2012-13 player option, is not happy with the Magic ownership and their reluctance to make him happy.  Howard, a three-time defensive player of the year, is the game’s premiere center and an imposing defensive presence. Howard also understands the numerous sponsorship opportunities available in New York and the importance of aligning with other superstar players. Free agent, Deron Williams, has wittled his free agent decision down to the Mavericks and Nets. With Williams, the Nets have failed to make the playoffs. However, the Nets have promised to bring in premiere talent and Howard may be the kingpin that keeps Deron.

With Gerald Wallace and a plethora of young players, the Nets have the supporting pieces for their dream super duo. Howard and Williams give the Nets strengths at two of the toughest poisitions in the NBA. In addition, a starting lineup that features Williams, MarShon Brooks, Wallace, and Howard could challenge the East’s top teams. The Nets strengths at point guard and center are clear weaknesses of the NBA Champs.

Currently, Gerald Wallace is the Nets’ marquee player. However, all signs point to Williams rejoining the Nets. Re-signing Williams may start a chain reaction of signings. Jason Kidd has started that he will join Williams on his next team. The Nets could get creative and build a package for Howard. Landing Howard will instantly vault the Nets into the league’s top teams and challenge for an NBA title.

Tonight’s NBA Draft Lottery will change the future of the league. The winning team will land the rights to selected prized Kentucky center, Anthony Davis. During his freshman season at Kentucky, Davis averaged 14.2 PPG, 10.4 RPG, and an outstanding 4.7 BPG. Davis’ defensive abilities have drawn comparisons to Marcus Camby. Add in his low-post offensive presence and mid-range game and Davis has the ability to be a special player. The Charlotte Bobcats have the best odds to land Davis (25%) while the Washington Wizards (20%), Cleveland Cavs (13%), New Orleans Hornets (13%), Sacramento Kings (8%), and Brooklyn Nets (8%) have outside chances to land Davis.

Of note, the Brooklyn Nets have the most to gain (or lose) during the lottery. After trading a protected first round pick to Portland for Gerald Wallace, a Top 3 selection will allow the Nets to keep the pick. With Deron Williams’ impending free agency, a Top 3 will give the Nets some options…

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There are a whole lot of scenarios that could change my NBA picks on this young rivalry between now and the start of next season, but these two teams both have some promise. The Knicks obviously made the playoffs, but ran up against the Heat. The Nets had a disappointing season and have a lot of questions they must address.

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