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Today, we’ll finish our fantasy previews for New York Giant skill position players. Last season, Eli Manning post career highs in yards (4,933), completions (359), and attempts (589). Prior to 2011, Eli never threw for more than 4,021 yards in a single season. We can credit Victor Cruz’s emergence and big play ability as a catalyst to Eli’s lucrative yardage totals. The Giants’ ranked dead last in the NFL in rushing yards per game, so the Giants had to rely on Eli’s right shoulder. Ultimately, Eli led the Giants to their second Super Bowl title in four years and erased all doubt about his place among the game’s best. Entering 2012, are Eli’s fantasy prospects at an all-time high?

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Yesterday, we profiled Ahmad Bradshaw. Today, we’ll profile Victor Cruz. Cruz, an undrafted free agent, took the league by storm last season, hauling in 1,536 yards and nine touchdowns. Entering this season, defense will focus on slowing down the speedy Paterson product. With the Giants gearing towards a more pass-heavy attack, can Victor Cruz repeat his 2011 production?

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Through the next few weeks, I’ll highlight each New York team (and their opposition) on both sides of the ball. Granted, some free agency moves will happen in the next few months, but these articles should give fans a general idea for the structure of each division. Without further delay, here is the preview of 2012 New York Giants offense.

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Plain and Simple: The Giants put an end to the ‘Patriot Dynasty’ on Sunday. 

More Complex: Have the Giants started a dynasty of their own?

Eli Being Eli--AP Photo

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Last night’s Super Bowl was an emotional roller coaster ride from start to finish. It had all the makings of an all-time classic. Brady vs. Eli. Belichick vs. Coughlin. Revenge for the Pats. Ascension for Eli. The game was great. When the dust finally settled, the Giants laid claim to a 21-17 victory. 

When looking back at the game, two huge plays stand out and that ultimately shaped the outcome…

Tom is now 1-3 vs. NYG

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Was anyone really surprised with tonight’s outcome?

Eli Manning. Ball in Hand. Down two points. Four minutes to go. How many times have seen it before?

Eli to Manningham(3x). Eli to Nicks a few times. Highlighted by a Bradshaw TD run with one minute to go. G-Men up, 21-17.

I don’t care what any NFL analyst or talking head has to say. Belichick allowing the Giants to score and take the lead was one of the dumbest plays I’ve ever seen. He only had one time out, no healthy, big end zone targets capable of catching a jump ball. A team that has a bunch of slot, possession receivers, less their biggest and best target isn’t capable of taking it 80 yards on the G-Men defense in less than a minute. I get the notion of giving your offense another shot, but so many bad things can happen on a field goal try. (Just ask Tony Romo or Billy Cundiff).

Eli Was Eli.

Belichick apparently ducked the post-game interview and there’s no doubt that his legacy takes a hit. Same with Brady. Arguably the most dominant franchise in football over the last decade was beaten TWICE by Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning. They go right into the conversation now.

That’s all for today. Everyone is probably too full from eating snacks and passed out on their couches. The G-Men are officially Super Bowl champs for the fourth time. Now a two-time Super Bowl MVP, Eli is Eli.

When I first contacted the editor of this site, part of my pitch was that I wanted to write about how Eli was going to finish with a better career than Peyton. Since then, the topic has blown up everywhere and I don’t feel it necessary to add much to the now over saturated conversation.

Sports Blogging Email Request

The best comparison that I’ve heard of the two of them was by Colin Cowherd when he said that Peyton is A-Rod and Eli is Jeter. That holds very true in my eyes, Peyton will have the higher numbers (we’ll see by how much) and overall is the more talented player. But when it comes down to it, crunch time, third down, fourth quarter, final minute of the biggest game in the football world, if your heart hasn’t told you that it’s Eli that you want just yet, your eyes and the statistics are all more than convincing.

Eli Manning 2011 Numbers

During this time that Eli’s play has put him in this Peyton Manning conversation, he’s silently put himself in the room with Tom Brady in two ways. One, he’s carried his team to the wins they need in the big time moments, just as Tom Brady has made his career. At the same time, he earned his first ring against Tom, shutting down his undefeated, record setting season. Keeping his hand from adding a fourth ring and putting him hands down in the top few quarterbacks ever. Again entering his fifth Super Bowl, Brady is looking to add that fourth ring…Or is it going to be Eli adding his second (more than Peyton, now only one behind Brady) and holding Brady back once again from that fourth championship?

It’s not a far reach to see Eli and the Giants heading to another Super Bowl or two in the next 6 years, possibly another against Brady. Putting his appearances and winning percentage in that all-time class. Super Bowl 46 is going to be a great game and a great rematch of the the epic 2008 game and the earlier battle this season. But how about Eli and Coughlin with an experienced receiving corp that’s no longer emerging no-names going for his third ring against Tom Brady and Belichick? Eli 3 for 3 in the Super Bowl (also would be adding at least 3 more playoff wins) matching Brady’s championships in just half the appearances.

That’s the Super Bowl I’m waiting for…

Todd Giannattasio is a guest blogger for New York State Of Sports. Todd runs an online store selling Giants themed apparel, Deja 42. You can follow him on Twitter@Tresnic.

After Eli Manning led the Giants past the San Francisco 49ers, the Eli admiration was at an all-time high. During his five ‘must-win’ games, Eli went 5-0, throwing 12 TD passes to only one interception. Manning was so good in the fourth quarter this season, leading six game winning drives. Eli’s fourth quarter passer rating was also the highest in the league. If Eli is able to defeat Tom Brady, he’ll collect his second Super Bowl, tied for the second most among active quarterbacks. In a league where great QB play is imperative to a team’s success, where does Eli rank in terms of his counterpats?


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One word to describe this game:


Eli Was Eli--AP Photo

In what was a four-hour roller coaster ride, the Giants pulled out an exciting, hard-fought, draining, win over the Niners. In my preview this week, I highlighted how the Niner prided themselves on not turning the ball over. True to form, the Niner offense did not turn the ball over. However, punt returner Kyle Williams fumbled two punts–resulting in ten decisive Giant points. Eli Manning threw for 306 yards, but he earned every single yard. In his 63 dropbacks, Eli was hit 21 times–and got up after every single one. Mario Manningham had his weekly post-season appearance in the end zone and the Giant defense looked awesome–outside of two blown plays to Vernon Davis.

We’ll have more for you in the coming days, but after that game, I think everyone just needs to sleep to start having dreams of February 3, 2008. You know–Super Bowl rings, decking Tom Brady, salsa-ing …

Victor In Cruise Control--AP Photo

It’s been a roller coaster ride for the 2011 New York Giants. The Giants started hot, winning six of their first eight games. Then the Giants went to San Francisco, dropped a close one to the Niners and lost four straight. Will this Sunday be deja vu all over again for the Giants? It depends which version of the Giants shows up–will it be the team that gave up 36 points at home to the Seattle Seahawks? Or the team that manhandled Matt Ryan and Aaron Rodgers in consecutive weeks?

Will Eli Be Elite In SF?--AP Photo

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