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The New York Jets will welcome the Jacksonville Jaguars to New York for their Week 2 match-up. Both teams won their opening games last week, as the Classless Jets topped the Cowboys late and the Jags stopped Chris Johnson and the Titans. The Jets will look to tee-off on one of the weakest starting quarterbacks in the league, Luke McCown. Despite the presence of Maurice Jones-Drew, the Jets need to come out and dominate on both sides of the ball tomorrow. Vegas has the Classless Ones pegged as a nine-point favorite, but here are three reasons why they will win by more than that.

Plax Acting Classless

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Later on tonight, the Jets will make their much anticipated 2011 home debut against the Dallas Cowboys. Make no mistake, there will be many games within the game as these two playoff caliber teams square off. Crazy Rob vs. Classless Rex. DeMarcus Ware vs. D’Brickashaw Ferugson. Dez Bryant vs. Darrelle Revis. The Jets run D vs. Felix Jones.  Expect both teams to play with a ton of emotion on such an emotional day for New York City. Kenny (wearing his Cowboys Jersey, boo Kenny) and I (wearing my NYPD shirt, yay me) will be in the building.

For me, the outcome of this game will come down to one over-looked facet: Special Teams.




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Players cannot actually sign contracts until this morning, but that hasn’t slowed the buzz around the league. NFL fans have never seen this type of free agency activity with dozens of players signing with new teams each day. For the Giants, they cut offensive linemen, Shaun O’hara, Rich Seubert, and Shawn Andrews. Fullback Madison Hedgecock and defensive end, Rocky Bernard are also expected to be cut. In essence, the Giants have ripped down their O-Line to get under the salary cap. The Giants, however, are expected to bring Ahmad Bradshaw back.

As for the Jets, they made Santonio Holmes extremely rich, but are currently being held up by prized free agent, Nnamdi Asomugha. The field for his services is beginning to thin, but the Jets have a ton of work to take care, whether Nnamdi calls Broadway home or not. A Revis-Asoughma combo would be unbelievable to watch, but would it create too many holes elsewhere?

Coming Back To Gotham

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The crown jewel of this free agency class is corner, Nnamdi Asomugha. The 30-year-old Asomugha is considered by many to be the league’s second best corner behind Darrelle Revis. As many as a dozen teams are currently in on Asomugha and whichever Super Bowl contender lands him, will instantly become Super Bowl favorites. However, after giving Revis $25 million/year last season and having a laundry list of free agents to resign, can we reasonably expect Asomugha to land on Broadway?

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The emotional investment in the New York Jets football team is at an all-time high. The team has been down this road before. They have stumbled in past AFC Championships, suffered without a Super Bowl championship for 42 years, and lived in the shadows of the Giants for far too long. This current group of Jets have completely bought in the brash, aggressive style of their head coach. They have talked to talk all season long. They have belittled opposing players, coaches, and front office executives. They have claimed that they are the best team in football. The self-proclaimed best team in football should have no issues advancing to Dallas, right?

Last season, the Jets were heavy underdogs as they entered the AFC Championship against the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts, who essentially gave up on a chance at a perfect season, were the odds-on favorite to reach the Super Bowl. In the minds of the Jet players and their fans alike, they were lucky to even make the playoffs. The Colts and Bengals rolled over to them in Weeks 16 and 17 in order to give the Jets a ticket to playoffs. The Jets relied on an erratic rookie quarterback who was only completing 55% of his passes. The team relied on its heavy ground attack to carry it through the first two rounds. Essentially, the Jets were playing with house money when they went in to take on the Colts. Even though they lost to Peyton Manning, it gave the rather inexperienced Jets their first taste at the spotlight.

This Steeler team is much different from the Colts. They have had dealt with injuries and off-the-field distraction all season long. Their offensive line is a tattered mess. Their defense is one of the best in the game, but they are far from the Steel Curtain of old. Ben is still Ben and #43 will be active all over the field, but this Steeler team is not the same level as the Colt team from last year. The Jets have another year of playoff experience under their belt and are facing a lesser opponent. While the Jets are three-point underdogs, there are no excuses.

No excuses. The Jets finished the regular season with an 11-5 record. The quarterback has had another year of seasoning and has won four road playoffs games. The team is battle tested. They have one of the best defensive players in football. They added hungry, Super Bowl starved veteran players needed to push the team over the final hump.  The Jets have talked the talk for far too long not to deliver tonight.

When the whistle blows tonight at 6:30PM, there are no more excuses. The Jets MUST win in Pittsburgh or else this season will once again, be for naught.

If you are going to talk the talk, you must back it up. That’s what Rex Ryan and the entire New York Jets football team did today.

Rex was Brilliant Today

The buildup was intense. Players were vowing to end the careers of other players. Coaches were having fun jawing at each other through the media. However, when the ball was kicked off at 4:40 pm this afternoon, all talking stopped and bodies started flying. When the dust settled, the Jets beat the Pats up and won, 28-21. Tom was clearly not Tom today as he was sacked five times and finished with a 89.0 passer rating. In contrast, Mark Sanchez played the best game of his career, throwing for three touchdowns and no interceptions. With the win, the Jets will now travel to the Pittsburgh to take on the Steelers for the right to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.

What will Jet fans take away from this victory?

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‘I hate the Jets’- Tom Brady, QB, New England Patriots. The oft-soft spoken Brady uttered those words when the media asked if he had watched the Jets during HBO’s series, ‘Hard Knocks’. Some people blew Brady’s comments out of the water. Others thought that Brady was just speaking his mind. Me on the other hand, believed that this was a true display of hatred for the Jets. Brady has never been one to publicly display his dislike for another team. It’s obvious that Brady dislikes the Indianapolis Colts, but he and Peyton Manning seem to have the unwritten rule of quiet respect for one another. This isn’t the case with the boisterous New York Jets. The Jets defeated the Pats at the Meadowlands last year, 16-9, so are we in for a repeat performance?

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On Sunday afternoon, we saw the New York Giants and their defense dominate in the New Meadowlands. But at 7 PM tonight, we will get to see our other New York team, the Jets, face off against the Baltimore Ravens.

Rex just having some fun - AP

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According to the NY Daily News, the New York Jets and All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis agreed to a four-year contract which is worth up to $46 million dollars, with $32 million of it guaranteed. continue reading…

…But Rex Ryan sent a loud, profane message to the football world and anyone who would listen on the first episode of Hard Knocks: his Jets are the kings of New York and can beat any team, anywhere, anytime. The Giants would like to send a little message Monday night at 8:00, and take the Jets off their pedestal.

The rookie class of 2010 will get their first reps as Giants tonight; AP Photo

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