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Three weeks after being cut, long-time Giants running back, Brandon Jacobs signed a one-year deal with the 49ers. The 29-year-old Jacobs has been taking fewer and fewer carries over the last few seasons. Ultimately, the Giants will need to replace not only his 700 yards and eight touchdowns, but his toughness that he brought every Sunday. There are a few external options that the Giants could look into in order to complement Ahmad Bradshaw. 

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It was strictly a business move.

Unable to reach an agreement on a reduced salary, the Giants terminated the contract of Brandon Jacobs. Jacobs, 29, wanted to return to the Giants, but the Giants did not want to pay his $4.4 million salary. Jacobs had a $500,000 roster bonus coming his way on March 17th and a $100,000 workout bonus. By letting the burly back go, the Giants gave given themselves $5 million in salary cap relief. 

Giants fans know that Ahmad Bradshaw is the Giants starter and future at running back. Essentially, Bradshaw replaced Jacobs as the starter in 2010 and hasn’t looked back. The combo formed an impressive duo during their four years together on the Giants, but both the Giants and Jacobs are ready to move on. 

Jacobs’ intense demeanor will be missed, but his inability to run ‘north-and-south’ on a consistent basis, will not. The question becomes–who sets up and takes Jacobs’ 151 vacant carries? Plus Bradshaw doesn’t have the cleanest bill of health in the league. People questioned the Giants letting Steve Smith go last year. Those same people are probably questioning the Jacobs move, but it’s all a part of the plan. 

Now that the parade is over, the confetti is cleaned up, and the silly Eli, elite debates have been put to rest, it’s time to start thinking about a Super Bowl repeat. To start, the Giants must evaluate their impending free agents and make some tough decisions. In addition, the Giants must think long and hard about two important players who are under contract for 2012, but are very unhappy with the figures involved…

Tom was Tom. Eli was Eli. AP PHOTO

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If the Giants wanted any bulletin board material, they didn’t have to look too hard. Jerry Rice called Brandon Jacobs soft and Vernon Davis is already planning the NFC Championship post-season celebration party?!?

Like Giant fans needed anymore motivation for today’s NFC Title Game…

The “49ers NFC Championship After Party” is scheduled to be held at Manor West in San Francisco, CA shortly after the NFC Championship game concludes, and tickets are already being sold for little over $21 a pop. Davis himself is slated to host this “championship event.”

After last week’s dominant performance against Atlanta, I told everyone that I came into contact with that the Giants were going to beat the Packers. I predicted it here. (I went 4-0 this weekend, by the way). I told people from Wisconsin that I met at my business conference. (They laughed). I told random people in the subway. I expect a tight game with the Giants pulling it out late. Instead, the Giants dug deep and just embarrassed the Packers.

Tom Was Tom--AP Photo

The Giant defense recovered three fumbles, forced one interception, and sacked Aaron Rodgers four times. Eli Manning threw for 339 yards (249 in the first half) and three TDs. Hakeem Nicks caught a hail mary touchdown pass before halftime. Brandon Jacobs finally ran north-to-south and scored the ‘goodnight the lights’ TD with three minutes to go. The Giant offense outgained the prolific Packer offense, 420 to 388. Special teams created turnovers. Tom was Tom. The Giants waved ‘goodbye’ to Aaron Rodgers and his horrible ‘Discount Count Double Check’ commercials. (Thank God). We’ll have more for coverage, but the Giants are heading to San Francisco to avenge another early season loss and punch their ticket to the Super Bowl.

Bang--AP Photo

For good reason, the 15-1 Green Bay Packers do not feel like the slam dunk favorites in the NFC. The Packers, led by soon-to-be MVP Aaron Rodgers, watched their QB put together arguably the best season of all-time. Rodgers was so good that he compiled 48 total touchdowns and threw just five interceptions in 15 games. Had head coach Mike McCarthy unlocked his inner Sean Payton, Rodgers could have easily topped 60 TDs. That’s how dangerously good Rodgers is and no one will dispute that. For as great as Rodgers is, he has used his quick throws, smart decisions, and moxy to cover up four clear Green Bay blemishes… 


Rodgers is Hip and He's Cool. But he's going down.


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NYSOS is happy to announce that we have new, part-time, guest writer, Todd Giannattasio. Todd has been a Giants season ticket holder for twenty years (!!) and has never missed a home game. Todd will provide content on the Giants, Rangers, and Knicks. Without further is Todd’s first contribution to New York State of Sports..

'Green Bay is THAT way!'

Shut up, Rex.

And enough with the B.S.

The New York Football Giants had all the cards stacked against them against impetuous coach Rex Ryan and his New York Jets. It was unclear how this Giants team would respond at a point of return, with their playoff lives in their hands, just a short week after laying a dud against the lowly Washington Redskins. Add in a full week of trash talking to an already hate-filled rivalry, which left myself wondering whether the Giants had fallen for the trap and played right into the over-exuberant hand of Ryan and the Jets.

The Giants responded, though, by playing up when the time called for it – playing a solid-if-unspectacular game – all the while putting the Jets’ season in jeopardy by defeating them ‘on the road’ 29-14.

With the win, the Giants improve to 8-7 heading into next week’s battle with Dallas.

Credit: Yahoo! News

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577. Digest that for a second.

577=yards of total offense recorded by the Saints tonight. Those 577 yards netted out to 49 points scored. Yardage-wise, this was the second worst defensive effort in Giant football history. The Giants simply had no answer for Drew Brees.

This season, Brees, Aaron Rodgers, and Tom Brady have been putting on clinics, week after week. Tonight was Brees’s stage as he delivered a historic performance. Brees to Moore. Brees to Graham. Brees keeps it himself. Brees was damn near unstoppable (5 total TDs) as the Giants failed to register a sack or create any sort of pressure. This Giant defense is an absolute disgrace right now and they better find the answers and find them in a hurry.

For as bad as the defense was, Eli Manning deserves a lot of credit. Eli started the second half off by completing 16 straight passes. Eli’s 407 yards were more than Brees, but he wasn’t as efficient as Brees was. Eli did his best to keep the Saints off the line of scrimmage to open up the running game. Brandon Jacobs played a little bit better (46 yards, 1 TD), but was jawing and trash talking to the Saints all game long. Brandon, no one wants to hear the mouth any longer. The Jets talk and talk when they are down double digits. For me, Jacobs is in the Jets category–loud mouth, arrogant player. He needs a new home and I wouldn’t hesitate to send him packing today!

Bottom line–the Giant defensive effort (especially in the first half) was putrid. It was horrible. I had to turn it off. Great job by the Saints to cement their legitimacy among NFC contenders. Bad job by the Giants for just about everything.

The Saints have a great passing attack, but the Giants will now have to worry about the league’s hottest QB coming to town (on a short week) with his Packer friends. Getting Ahmad Bradshaw (foot) back may not be enough to keep Rodgers on the sidelines!

Eli couldn’t convert a fourth down for the third straight time–and that sealed the Giants fate. With 2:00 to go, Eli’s third, fourth down attempt was batted down at the line of scrimmage, sealing the win for the Niners.

The San Francisco 49ers showed America (without Frank Gore) that they are for real with a 27-20 against the Giants. Playing their second straight game without Ahmad Bradshaw, Brandon Jacobs and DJ Ware combined for 89 yards on the ground. Eli threw two beautiful touchdown passes to Hakeem Nicks and Mario Manningham. Eli did throw a key interception that turned into seven San Francisco points.

The Giants are still sit atop the NFC East with a 6-3 record, but are starting to feel a little heat by the 5-4 Dallas Cowboys. The Giants and Cowboys haven’t played yet, but I expect a hard fought contest.

The Giants will host the stumbling Philadelphia Eagles next Sunday night at Metlife Stadium. The Giants can put the 3-6 Eagles away for good next weekend.