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It’s been a tumultous season for Rex Ryan’s Jets. After flirting with Peyton Manning, the Jets signed Mark Sanchez to a three-year, $40.5 million contract extension. Sanchez had two years remaining of his rookie contract, so the move was surprising. However, the Jets made the most puzzling move in franchise history a few months later. The Jets sent a fourth round pick to Denver for Tim Tebow. The looming presence of Tebowmania was evident as Sanchez’s clearly looked uncomfortable in the pocket. The offense’s production went from ‘bad’ to ‘worse’ as Wildcat guru, Tony Sparano was signed as offensive coordinator. Ryan was hellbent on getting back to a ‘Ground & Pound’ offense that he overlooked the offense’s biggest problem–Sanchez’s inconsistencies as a passer. Sparano’s offense is predicated by a hard-nosed ground game and accurate throws down field–two facets the Jets simply don’t have. Sanchez was booed to the bench and Tim Tebow Greg McElroy took over. McElroy isn’t the long-term answer, but the thought of McElroy starting seems like blasphemy.

While the offense’s on-field play was a downright disgrace, injuries clearly affected production. Santonio Holmes suffered a season ending foot injury and Stephen Hill and Dustin Keller couldn’t seem to stay healthy. Practice squad fodder (e.g. Chaz Schillens, Mardy Gilyard) became Sanchez’s go-to receivers. One could argue that Sanchez played so poorly that it didn’t matter who was on the field. Still, every team must overcome injuries and the Jets didn’t do it.

The defense has always been the Jets’ strength, so this year’s statistics were downright pitiful. The Jets have the NFL’s sixth worst run defense, yielding 135.3 yards per game. Of note, the 49ers gashed the Jets for over 250 yards, which Ryan coined as his worst performance ever. Bart Scott looked old and simply couldn’t defend tight ends. The Jets lost Darrelle Revis early in the season, but the pass defense did not miss a beat. Newcomers, Yeremiah Bell and LaRon Landry secured the safety positions and Antonio Cromartie played at a Pro Bowl level. The Jets were the NFL’s second best pass defense, yielding just 187 yards per game. Kyle Wilson started in place of Revis and was always picked on by opposing quarterbacks.

Special team’s coordinator, Mike Westhoff, will retire at season’s end. Known as the ‘Creator of Special Teams’, Westhoff experienced many highs (and lows). The Jets scored (and gave up) two special teams touchdowns, but suffered numerous gaffes. Tebow was placed on the punt team and made his share of mistakes.

Overall, it was a terrible season for the Jets. Ryan’s pre-season assertions about his team’s talent level were downright comical. Still, Cromartie made the Pro Bowl and Muhammad Wilkerson is beginning to play like an All-Pro. If Revis fully recovers from his ACL injury and Bell and Landry re-sign, the Jets will have the league’s best secondary. The Jets are encouraged by the play of Wilkerson and Quinton Coples, so the defense can return to its dominant ways if adds a few pieces.

On offense, the Jets need a new offensive coordinator. The Jets are stuck with Mark Sanchez, so they need a coordinator that can help develop him as a passer. Norv Turner and Charlie Weis have track records of fixing quarterbacks, so they may be options. Ryan does not know anything about offense, so he needs a strong coordinator that can fully take over. Dustin Keller will be a free agent, so the Jets need to make a decision. Still, the Jets will hope the injury gods shine more favorably upon them next season.

The Jets should give Rex Ryan one more season. The Jets will likely have a Top 12 draft pick and the return of some key pieces will help. In addition, the Jets will play a 3rd-or-4th place schedule next season, which should pad their win total. Ryan’s defense can regain its dominance, but the offense desperately needs a strong coordinator. Tebow, Sparano, and Mike Tannenbaum should not be brought back, but Ryan should be given one more chance.

So far, I’ve profiled the Jets on offense and special teams. Today, we’ll look at the Jets’ best unit–their defense.

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Yesterday, in a development that shocked no one, the New York Jets made headlines for the wrong reasons.  Several anonymous players called for Peyton Manning to come to New York, and trashed Mark Sanchez in the process.  It’s a fitting end to a dreadful season that began with Super Bowl guarantees and ended with a collapse.  From one fed-up fan, here’s an open letter to the entire team (after the jump).

A true captain

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After starting the season with Hard Knocks, the 2010 Jet season ended the same way: With some hard knocks. The Jets were denied a trip to the Super Bowl for the second straight year, falling 24-19 to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Give the Jets credit, though. They never gave up. After playing their worst half of football to date and facing a 24-3 deficit going into halftime, the Jets came roaring back in the second half, scoring 16 straight points. However, the Jet rally came up short as Ben Roethlisberger led the Steelers on a key fourth quarter drive, sealing the Jets fate. Ultimately, the hole the Jets dug for themselves in the first half was just way too deep to dig out of.

At the end of the day, the facts still are the facts: their play on the field did not back up the talk we’ve heard all season long. Super Bowl or bust. The Jets busted.

A few key moments ultimately sealed the Jets fate as the Steelers advanced to their third Super Bowl in the last six seasons…

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As reported earlier by columnist Matt Vereb, the New York Jets received word today that free agent defensive end Jason Taylor agreed in principle to a contract. The contract will be for two years, and reportedly very incentive-based. Check out our article to see how we think he will fit in with his new team, and what this means for Thursday’s NFL Draft.

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In the finale of our four part series, we’ll take a look at the New York Jets and their defensive needs for the looming 2010 NFL Draft. Last year, the Jets’ defense was phenomenal, leading the league in scoring defense (14.8 points per game) and total yards (252.3 yards per game). However, there are still some holes that could be filled via the draft, so let’s see what positions the Jets should look at.

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