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Let me be the first stay, I can’t wait for Andy Pettitte to make his return to the Yankee rotation. I’ve watched Pettitte since his rookie season in 1995 and will always associate Andy with my youth. However, when it comes to fantasy baseball, Pettitte virtually has no value.  

When Pettitte vountarily retired after the 2010 season, he retired as an All-Star. Pettitte went 11-3 with a 3.28 ERA in 21 starts. Pettitte posted a 7.1 K/9 and 2.9 BB/9 which weren’t vintage Pettitte numbers. However, Pettitte was sidelined for nearly two months with a groin injury. Pettitte dealt with various back and arm injuries throughout his career and given his age, we can’t discount another trip to the disabled list. Even worse, Pettitte may not be able to make a full return to the Yankees and hang it up for good. 

Pettitte has already indicated that he won’t be back before May and no one should expect him to be. If anything, we’ve learned from David Cone in 2003 that comebacks should be taken slowly. Pettitte will likely only give his owners 3/4 of a season and the numbers he posts won’t be good to justify any sort of fantasy value. Plus, there is no guarantee that Pettitte regains his signature stuff. 

For now, let Andy sit on the waiver wire and play the waiting game. If he comes back and delivers some vintage starts, quickly add him to your staff. For now, let Andy go and draft another pitcher who will start the year in his team’s rotation.


On Friday, we learned that Andy Pettitte would come out of retirement to join the 2012 Yankees. The Yankees and Pettitte agreed to a one-year, $2.5 million minor league deal. By definition, a minor league deal is essentially a risk-less ‘tryout’. However, the Yankees and Pettitte fully envision him being able to contribute by May or June. Granted, Pettitte, who has been throwing and working out, may decide that he just can’t do it anymore and stay retired. However, given Andy’s competitive nature, he wouldn’t waste anyone’s time if he didn’t think he could still play.

While having another arm is a great ‘problem’ to have, the Yankees are left with a bunch of arms and only a limited number of rotation spots. To start the year, Sabathia, Nova, and Kuroda will be in the rotation. By all accounts, Michael Pineda and Phil Hughes will be in there, too. Freddy Garcia is the odd man out and will likely take over long-relief duties. However, if all of these pitchers are performing well when Pettitte is ready, what will his role be?

Andy doesn’t have the makeup to be a reliever and wouldn’t come out of retirement to be one, either. Andy is a craftsman with the baseball. Runners will get on base, he’ll walk some hitters, he’ll pick some off, etc. Andy isn’t going to come out of the bullpen throwing 97+ MPH. He is and always will be a starting pitcher.

Emotional attachments aside, Andy has to prove to the Yankees that he still has it. When he retired after the 2010 season, he left on his own accord. He wasn’t Posada’ed out of the team. Coming back from a one-year layoff, the now 40-year-old Pettitte must prove he belongs in the Yankee rotation.

And by all accounts, I hope he is the Andy that we all know and love.

Via Jack Curry, the Yankees and retired free-agent pitcher Andy Pettitte have agreed to a one-year, $2.5 million minor league deal. The Yankees are expected to slowly work Pettitte back into shape, but what a surprise!

This may be the most unexpected news in years. Great to have Andy back!

This week’s mailbag features four more questions. One about Andy, One about Joba, one about Mark Sanchez, and one about Carmelo Anthony. Let’s not waste anymore time..

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This is the very first edition of the NYSOS mailbag. I got a decent amount of e-mails, so make sure you keep sending them every week. ( Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see your question. Re-send it and I’ll get to it next week.

Anyway, on to this week’s edition of the mailbag. I selected three questions (all Yankee based) and my Super Bowl prediction, so let’s not waste anymore time…

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First reported by Michael Kay and later confirmed by Jack Curry, 38-year-old lefty Andy Pettitte will announce his retirement from baseball tomorrow afternoon at Yankee Stadium. Joel Sherman states that Pettitte’s ‘heart is just not into it anymore‘, even with his family’s blessings. The Yankees will hold a press conference at the Stadium tomorrow.

While I profiled five reasons why I thought Pettitte would return in 2011, it’s not a huge surprise to anyone that the lefty is stepping away from the game. Andy has told the Yankees all off-season long not to count on him for 2011. Pettitte made it clear to the Bombers that he would only pitch for them this season, but he left a $12 million contract on the table as he rides off into the Texas sunset.

If 2010 is indeed Andy’s last season, he definitely has a case for Hall of Fame enshrinement. Pettitte has a career 240-138 record while carrying a 3.88 ERA. Pettitte is the all-time post-season wins leader (19) and third on the strikeouts list (173). He is a five-time World Champion. Interestingly enough, all players who have posted 100 more victories than losses have made the Hall of Fame. There is that 500-pound gorilla in the room named HGH, but that’s a different animal for a different day.

As for the 2011 Yankees, well, they’ve made a few signings thus far. The team is apparently still in talks with free-agent, Kevin Millwood. The team will need to throw a bunch of darts at the starting pitcher board and hope one or two stick.

Growing up, I always loved watching Andy pitch. His pickoff move to first base was the best I’ve ever seen. His overall demeanor on the mound struck fear into the hearts of opposing players. Yankee fans will definitely miss Pettitte’s high leg kick, warrior mentality, and his true grit he displayed whenever he took the ball. Andy is the first of the Core Four to walk away from the game. I guess this means that I’m starting to grow up…

Yankee Stadium just won’t seem the same without #46 toeing the rubber every fifth day.

Andrew Eugene Pettitte. Competitor. Father. Warrior. 2011 Yankee.

At least, I think so.

There’s no reason why Andy shouldn’t pitch during the 2011 season and here are five reasons why…

That's Right Andy...Come Running Back To Us

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Via Tyler Kepner, Yankees GM Brian Cashman announced tonight that Andy Pettitte will not pitch in 2011. Pettitte informed Yankee officials today ‘not count on him’ as they look to add another arm or two before pitchers and catchers report in roughly one month. No official word has come from Andy himself about retirement, but as of right now, he is ‘not in play for the 2011 season’.

I Hate The Snow Too, Andy

This news does not come as much of a surprise. We’ve been hearing for weeks that Pettitte was leaning towards retirement, citing his family as the main reason why. As outlined earlier last week, the Yankees have been preparing for awhile to move on. The Yankees have been linked to free agent pitchers Jeremy Bonderman, Justin Duchscherer, Jeff Francis, and others. Expect those talks to intensify over the next few weeks.

Given Pettitte’s competitive nature, this may simply be a tactic used by Cashman to motivate his 39-year-old lefty. Nothing is official until we hear from Andy himself, but with pitchers and catcher reporting in roughly one month, the Yankees need turn to Plan B.

With only 35 days to go before pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training (Thank God), the free agent pool is starting to become more shallow. Brian Cashman told the media last week that he will not surrender a first round pick to sign one of the three remaining Type A free agents. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the Top 10 remaining free agents and gauge any potential Yankee interest.

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Sources say that the Yankees will know whether or not Andy Pettitte will return for the 2011 season in the next few days. Speculation surrounding Pettitte began to mount as soon as the Bombers were eliminated by the Rangers in the ALCS. Speculation intensified when Cliff Lee decided to take his talents down I-95 to Citizen’s Bank Park. Internally, the Yankees are assuming that Pettitte will not return next season and are preparing to explore internal and external options.

In only 21 starts last season, Pettitte went 11-3, posting a 3.28 ERA. A groin injury limited Pettitte during the second half of the season, further increasing speculation that 2010 would be Pettitte’s final season. Even if Pettitte returns for the 2011 season, the Yankees can only expect 20-25 starts from the crafty lefty.

If 2010 was indeed Andy’s last season, he definitely has a case for Hall of Fame enshrinement. Pettitte posted a 240-138 record while carrying a 3.88 career ERA. Pettite is the all-time post-season wins leader (19) and third on the strikeouts list (173). Pettitte is a five-time World Champion. Interestingly enough, all players who have posted 100 more victories than losses have made the Hall of Fame. There is that 500-pound gorilla in the room named HGH, but that’s a different animal for a different day.

Until then, let’s see if Andy will come back to chase one more World Championship.