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It’s hard not to get excited about the 2012 New York Yankees.

Outside of Jorge Posada, the Yankees return every offensive starter from last year’s team that led the American League in home runs. Add in a revamped, younger pitching rotation and bullpen, and the optimism is running high. Through their first two Spring Training games, Curtis Granderson and Alex Rodriguez have come out swinging the bat well. Granderson homered off of Cole Hamels on Sunday and A-Rod hit an A-Bomb against Roy Halladay. Granted, these statistics are meaningless, but it’s reassuring to see Grandy picking up where he left off and A-Rod swinging the bat with some authority.

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The Yankees have had their share of defensive mistakes. Eduardo Nunez has already committed multiple errors and Freddy Garcia got a bit roughed up, but everyone is working through the off-season kinks.

After a great debut from Michael Pineda, let’s just prepare (and hope for) a long, enjoyable regular season that culminates in putting up Banner #28.

Baseball players aren’t robots (Except Albert Pujols)

The game’s best hitters cannot hit on command.  The best hitters may produce in the regular season, but fail to do anything in the playoffs (cite: Mark Teixeira & Nick Swisher). The playoffs are all about hot streaks and trends. To illustrate this point, let’s look at two sets of numbers:

  • 10 HRs, 55 RBIs, .297 BA, .350 OBP (97 games)
  • 5 HRs, 21 RBIS, .397 BA, .464 OBP (18 games)

These were David Freese’s numbers during the regular season and playoffs. Are Freese’s post-season numbers a sign of things to come? Is he the next coming of Babe Ruth? Both answers are obviously no, but these stats just show us that hot streaks are arbitrary and players can’t be forced to hit on command. Albert Pujols, the game’s best hitter, went just 3 for 21 in the World Series if you remove his historic Game 3. The Rangers weren’t throwing four aces at the Cardinals, either.

The point of this post? Relax.

I’ve read/listened to/heard so many different fans claiming that the Yankees need to get of Gardner, A-Rod, and even Teix. Without Teix, the Yankees are short 40 HRs and more importantly, a Gold Glove at first. Without Gardner, the Yankees are a one-dimension power hitting team. Without A-Rod, they do not have the pure presence of one of the game’s best hitters. All three of these players (plus all 22 others) make up the Yankees. Most of these players are under contract into the forseeable future.

The playoffs are so short; teams get hot and teams go cold. The Yankee bats happened to turn into ice during Game 5 of the ALDS. It happens. They aren’t robots.

Even though you probably wanna strangle A-Rod when he strikeouts with the bases loaded, he’s part of the family. When Derek Jeter can’t get to a ball in the hole, he’s still part of the family. Love’em, embrace’em, and scream at em when necessary. You never know when one of these guys will unlock their inner David Freese… 

Mariano Rivera saved his 601st career game today, tying Trevor Hoffman’s all-time save record. Rivera tossed a perfect ninth inning to preserve a 7-6 victory. Curtis Granderson blasted his 40th homer as  the Yankees record improved to 91-59 on the season. They sport an ML best, 40-11 record in day games. 

#42 Saves His 42nd Game

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The New York Yankees defeated the Minnesota Twins tonight by a final score of 3-0. Ivan Nova dominated the Twins and picked up his ninth win in ten attempts. Curtis Granderson and Mark Teixeira picked up home runs as the Yankees picked up another W and are now 77-48 on the season.

Word. - Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

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The Tampa Bay Rays defeated the New York Yankees tonight by a score of 5-1. In what could have been an epic pitching duel between David Price and CC Sabathia, it was only Price that showed up ready to go. With the loss, the Yankees fall to 71-46 on the season.

A-Rod Went 2-3 with a HR in a Class-A Rehab Assignment - AP

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The Toronto Blue Jays defeated the New York Yankees last night by a final score of 7-1. The anemic Yankee offense could only muster seven hits while leaving eight runners on base. With the loss, the Yanks drop to 53-37 on the season.

Not Your Night, Freddy - Abelimages/Getty Images

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A-Rod missed the last two against the Rays with an apparent knee injury. An MRI revealed that he has a slight tear meniscus in his right knee. A-Rod has two options going forward: to rest and play through it or go under the knife, miss about a month or so, and be ready for the stretch run. If you remember, CC Sabathia had a similar injury last season, played through it, and had surgery in the off-season. However, Sabathia only plays once every five days and doesn’t have to run or make quick movements like A-Rod would have to.

The Yankees are recommending that A-Rod has the surgery now, but it’s totally his call. A-Rod has gone 78 at-bats since his last home run and even watching him run the bases looks painful. I’m no doctor, but having a healthy, explosive A-Rod for the final two months and playoffs is much better than a 70%, three-month A-Rod. The Yankee offense is good enough and the Bombers will have Eric Chavez back soon to platoon with Nunez. Go under the knife, Alex and get better soon!

Hopefully, Derek Jeter will get his 3,000th hit tonight so we can stop hearing about it. (Just kidding) No, but really Derek. Get those two hits tonight so we can refocus on winning games. With that being said, do any other current Yankees have the ability to reach 3,000 hits? Will this milestone happen again any time soon?

Two More, Please.

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Eduardo Nunez led the way for the Yanks with a 4-4 day at the plate, as they beat the Mets in front of a sellout Citi Field crowd.  The win bumps the Yankees’ record to 49-31, while the Mets fall back to .500 (41-41).

Maybe it was nerves, or maybe they were just due for a stinker after their hot streak, but the Mets looked shaky all around from my view up in Section 515.  They made a bunch of mistakes that the Yankees pounced on: from bad fielding (Daniel Murphy dropped a routine throw that led to a run in the 8th) to bad baserunning (Jose Reyes got thrown out at 3rd on a crucial play in the 7th — more on this a little later) to bad situational hitting (the Mets were 2-10 with RISP.  One of those hits came in the 9th with 2 outs, and the game pretty much already decided by then).

The Yanks jumped all over Jon Niese early — 4 of the first 5 batters got base hits, and it was 3-0 before the Mets had a chance to bat.  But Niese settled down after that and allowed no more runs.  Ivan Nova put guys on in his 5 innings of work (7 hits and 2 walks), but pitched out of his jams effectively, only allowing 1 run.

Derek Who? (Nick Laham/Getty Images)

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The New York Yankees defeated the Colorado Rockies in a matinee performance by a score of 8-3. CC Sabathia hurled an impressive eight innings and allowed only one run while the offense racked up a total of 15 hits. With the win, the Yankees move to 44-31 on the season.

A-Rod Reaches in to Score - AP

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