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For the second time this season, a New York Yankee hit a milestone. Mariano Rivera recorded his 600th career save tonight as the Yanks edged the M’s, 3-2. Rivera becomes only the second player in Major League history with 600 saves. Trevor Hoffman, who retired in the off-season, has 603 saves. Mo should blow by him next week. 

As for the game, AJ Burnett had probably one of the oddest outings I’ve ever seen. His command wasn’t that sharp and he threw two wild pitches, but recorded 11 Ks en-route to his 10th win of the year. More surprisingly, ten of the eleven strikeout came on curveballs. Odd stuff. Robbie Cano smacked his 26th homer as the Yankees improve to 90-57 on the season. The Magic Number sits at 8.

Another Day at the Office--AP Photo

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The Baltimore Orioles defeated the New York Yankees 5-4 in a rainy extra innings affair this afternoon. AJ Burnett did fine but was never given the opportunity to win today, what with last night’s game ending at 2 AM and the AAA-quality lineup put out on the field today.

One of the few regulars - AP

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The New York Yankees defeated the Toronto Blue Jays tonight by a final score of 3-2. Ivan Nova picked up his tenth win of the season, and the Yankees take first place back from the Red Sox, who got smoked 10-0 tonight. The A-Rod and Teix-less Yankees still managed some power from a very unlikely source.

The Bomb - AP

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Boy, that Hurricane Irene was one tough broad. She came ripping through my home town and left us powerless for five days. So I apologize for the lack of articles on my behalf. Anyway, the Yankees took the rubber game against the Red Sox tonight in Fenway. AJ wasn’t bad, the bullpen was solid, and Russell Martin delivered the game winner in the seventh. Things got a little dicey for Mo in the ninth, but he escaped preserving a 4-2 win. More importantly for the Yanks, they proved that they could beat Boston’s ace in Boston’s building. It’s no secret that the Red Sox have had success against CC this year, so this was a huge, confidence building win in my book.

This Sums Up AJ's Year

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What else can really be said about the enigma that is AJ Burnett? AJ seemingly sports a different haircut for every single outing. He is normally yelling at himself or chewing on something. He will either look like Nolan Ryan or Ryan Nolan on any given day. But lately, Burnett has looked a lot more like the ladder. Burnett has been so bad lately that I don’t given the biggest Yankee optimist can find something good to say about him. Each Burnett starts leaves a really bad taste in our mouths. I relate that feeling to doubling down in blackjack, only to hit a low card. The hand has a lot of potential, but leaves you feeling disappointed. That is AJ Burnett.

With the way that the schedule is set up, the Yankees pay have no choice, but to send Burnett out at Fenway Park next week. The double header on Saturday really puts a strain on things. However, this whole Hurricane Irene thing should rain out a few games so we won’t have to sit through that. Right now, every Burnett start feels like playing russian roulette, you never know when the door will open up.

Best case scenario? Sit AJ down for a week. Let him work on the side with Larry Rothchild and go from there. He needs some sort of mental break because sending him out every five days isn’t going to help. The Yankee schedule doesn’t exactly benefit this notion, but let’s see what happens with the weather, game outcomes, etc. I just don’t feel comfortable trotting Burnett out there right now and I’m sure you don’t either.

Well, I don’t feel like posting the ‘A-J  Bur-net Can-Not-Pitch’ drop again, so I’ll just come right out and say it—AJ Burnett CANNOT pitch. He just can’t do it right now. For whatever reason, Burnett cannot spot his fastball (unless he’s trying to throw it down the middle). The Orioles picked right up where the Twins left off, crushing Burnett for nine (yes, 9) earned runs in five innings. Burnett should have been out of there in the second inning, but the team plays a double header on Saturday.

The Russell Martin Support Group

Burnett’s suckiness basically buried the Yankees’ hopes tonight. The team did not muster up 22 runs like it yesterday.

That’s all I really have to say about Burnett. When it’s time for me to buy my Yankee playoff tickets, I better not be investing in an AJ Burnett start.

There’s really only one thing to say after last night: AJ BURNETT CAN-NOT PITCH

I’m finding it harder and harder to find a silver lining with every AJ Burnett start. Last night, Burnett only recorded five outs, stormed off the mound after Joe Girardi took the ball from him, yelled something at him, and went running down the stairs into the clubhouse before his line was closed off. In the post-game press conference, both Girardi and Burnett acted as if nothing happened tonight. After watching this unfold, I no longer have confidence in Burnett. His ERA has increased each time over his last nine starts. He looks completely lost, physically and emotionally, with each start out. 

Girardi has already said that Burnett will pitch Friday night against the O’s as the Yanks will keep the six-man rotation through next week (eight games). Burnett’s next start after Baltimore would come against Boston. I don’t want any part of AJ in Beantown.

Oh yeah. The Yankees lost 9-4. Burnett basically ruined the entire game. Here’s to hoping Nova can lead the Bombers to a series win today.

Sunday, 2:10 PM: Ivan Nova (12-4) vs. Nick Blackburn (7-10, 4.53 ERA)








I’ve always wanted to use that title. Anyway, the Yankees started their seven game road trip tonight with a 7-4 win against the KC Royals. Derek Jeter led the offensive charge, collecting three hits while driving in three. AJ Burnett tossed the pill tonight, picking up his ninth win with 5 2/3 innings of three run ball. It was also his first August win ever as a Yankee!

Mo came on in the ninth to notch his 31st save. With the win, the Yankees are once again tied with the Red Sox atop the AL East with matching 73-46 records!


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The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim defeated the New York Yankees tonight by a score of 6-4. Mariano Rivera came into the game with a tie score, but allowed a two-run homer to former Yankee Bobby Abreu. Then, with the game-winning run (Mark Teixeira) up to bat with runners on first and third in the ninth, Curtis Granderson fell for the old Jeff Nelson third-to-first play to end the game. With the terrible loss, the Yankees fall to 69-45 on the season.

New Look, Same AJ - Mike Stobe, Getty Images

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The New York Yankees defeated the Chicago White Sox tonight by a score of 18-7. This was the Yankees sixth straight win, and will look to sweep their first series since the Milwaukee series in late June tomorrow night. With the win, the Yankees move to 67-42 on the year. 

Jonathon Daniel, Getty Images

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