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Let me be the first stay, I can’t wait for Andy Pettitte to make his return to the Yankee rotation. I’ve watched Pettitte since his rookie season in 1995 and will always associate Andy with my youth. However, when it comes to fantasy baseball, Pettitte virtually has no value.  

When Pettitte vountarily retired after the 2010 season, he retired as an All-Star. Pettitte went 11-3 with a 3.28 ERA in 21 starts. Pettitte posted a 7.1 K/9 and 2.9 BB/9 which weren’t vintage Pettitte numbers. However, Pettitte was sidelined for nearly two months with a groin injury. Pettitte dealt with various back and arm injuries throughout his career and given his age, we can’t discount another trip to the disabled list. Even worse, Pettitte may not be able to make a full return to the Yankees and hang it up for good. 

Pettitte has already indicated that he won’t be back before May and no one should expect him to be. If anything, we’ve learned from David Cone in 2003 that comebacks should be taken slowly. Pettitte will likely only give his owners 3/4 of a season and the numbers he posts won’t be good to justify any sort of fantasy value. Plus, there is no guarantee that Pettitte regains his signature stuff. 

For now, let Andy sit on the waiver wire and play the waiting game. If he comes back and delivers some vintage starts, quickly add him to your staff. For now, let Andy go and draft another pitcher who will start the year in his team’s rotation.


We’ve gone through all 28 rounds of our annual fantasy baseball draft. Everyone’s team is set and all of the owners are chomping at the bit to get this thing started. Today, I’m going to give a brief overview of everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. You can find complete rosters within the last four articles of our draft recap.

No More Drinking, Miggy

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So far we’ve chronicled the first three segments of our draft. With the last portion, I’ll give our readers one pick I really liked by each owner and one pick that I didn’t agree with. Tomorrow, I’ll give a general recap with each team, highlighting strengths and weaknesses. Without further delay, here’s the last portion of our draft..

'I Just Want A Drink Of Gatorade In Peace!'

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On Wednesday, I looked at the first five picks for each team in the draft. Yesterday, Matt Vereb broke down the second five picks. Here are rounds 11-15, as selected for our New York State of Sports fantasy baseball draft.

"I will be taking my talents to Steve's team" / Zell's Pinstripe Blog

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Yesterday, Adam analyzed the first five rounds of our fantasy baseball draft. Today I’ll be looking at Rounds 6-10. There were a few surprise picks and some great value picks that slipped through the cracks.

'Adam Drafted Me, Ok'

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Second Annual New York State of Sports Mock Fantasy Baseball Draft! Last year, columnist Mike Ulatoski took home the prize. The scoring format is a Standard Roto, 8-man team league. This draft has 30 picks – a catcher, a first baseman, a second baseman, a third baseman, a shortstop, a corner infielder, a middle infielder, five outfielders, a utility hitter, and nine pitchers.

We’ll break this series down into four parts: rounds 1-5, 6-10, 11-15, and 16-30. Let’s get it started with the first five rounds. After I list the picks, I will provide what I think was a strength and weakness of each team’s first five rounds. Due to size restrictions, the first four players are in the first chart, and the second half of the draft is in the second half.

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We have made it passed the July 31st trading deadline, and sellers have made their deals for young prospects. In a special edition of Rookies of the Week, let’s take a look and see if these moves have paid dividends yet.

Smoak is now a Mariner Associated Press

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The 2010 baseball season has been chock full of talented young prospects bursting onto the scene. It seems that every team has had contributions from their farm at some point this year. Here’s a look at the top rookies of the week, along with a slumping bat, and a prospect on the way.

Buster Posey Baseball Card

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With teams like the Boston Red Sox and Philadelphia Phillies losing key players to injuries, prospects get the chance to test their skills at the major league level. The big name players (Jason Heyward, Stephen Strasburg, etc.) have already made a splash, but there will always be surprise youngsters that scratch the surface and influence their respective teams. Last week, Gaby Sanchez was rookie of the week, but who gets the honor this week?

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This season has been chock full of young stars rising up to the challenges of the big leagues. With the summer months under way, plenty of rookies have been getting hot, showing that they deserve to stick in the majors to build their careers. As the month of June approaches an end, which rookie has this weeks most impressive numbers?

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