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Times are changing in college football, and three different conferences are going to feature severe ramifications. The entire state of the Big 12 rests on the University of Nebraska’s shoulders, and what they decide will change the Big 10, Big 12, and Pac 10 like nothing college football has seen before.

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Duke is the 2009-2010 NCAA Champion.

Congratulations to our Yahoo! Bracket Challenge Winner and biggest fan of NYSOS, ‘Pistol’ Pete Vereb.

2nd Place: Kenny Mauss’ lady friend, Sam Leschek(great job, Ken)

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Day 1 of the Sweet 16 was extremely exciting. Jacob Pullen led Kansas State to a thrilling double overtime victory over Xavier. John Wall led the Wildcats over tournament darling, Cornell. West Virginia prevailed over Washington. In the most unlikely upset, Syracuse was ousted by Butler. The Bulldogs is only one win away from heading home to Indianapolis for the Final Four.

Game Results:

Update 12:00AM: Duke dominates Purdue.

Update 11:57PM: Michigan State ends Northern Iowa’s Cinderella run.

Update 9:15PM: Baylor completely embarrasses Saint Mary’s. See ya, Samhan.

Update 9:00PM: Evan Turner’s last second three-pointer is blocked as Tennessee advances to the Elite 8.

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75% of the teams that made the NCAA tournament have been sent packing after the first weekend of action. Only 16 teams remain, and not one person on Yahoo Sports! or had a perfect bracket heading into this coming round of games. continue reading…

That’s a wrap for Round 2. Check back here on Thursday for more coverage.

Update: 7:43 PM Purdue 63 Texas A&M 61

Chris Kramer wins the game on a last second layup.

Update: 7:25 PM Xavier 71 Pitt 68

Pitt’s last second 3-pointer falls short. Only two of the nation’s best conference remain.

Update: 7:15 PM Duke 68 California 53

Duke was just way too much for Cal.

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The struggles of the Big East thus far in the NCAA tournament has not affected the Orangemen of Syracuse. Syracuse defeated Gonzaga in Buffalo, New York today 87-65. continue reading…

Individually, I did a little better yesterday than I did on Thursday. I went 12-4 on Friday and have seemed to pick the opposite winner in every ‘5 vs. 12’ match-up with the exception of Michigan State.

Today’s Rundown(Teams in bold are my personal bracket pick; teams in italics were supposed to lose in Round 1, but didn’t so I’ll pick them today)

Today’s Record: 4-4

Update(10:45PM): Kansas State rolls by BYU.

Update(10:40PM): Kentucky blows out Wake Forest, 90-60.

Update(8:00PM): #11 Washington is in commanding control of #3 New Mexico.

Update(7:58PM): Baylor handles Old Dominion.

Update(7:55PM): My bracket is now in the garbage.

Update(7:52PM): I can’t believe I’m about to report this, but my girlfriend(who has never watched basketball before) picked Northern Iowa over Kansas. At least one of us knows basketball.

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So our first day did not go so well. I finished with an embarrassing 8-8 record. Before today’s action begins, let’s just reflect on the fact the nation’s best conference(The Big East) should have went 0-4 yesterday. Villanova got bailed out by the referees in OT, Georgetown forgot to show up, Marquette stopped playing defense, and Notre Dame choked like usual. We’ll see what today holds for the other Big East teams in the field(Syracuse, West Virginia, Louisville). Let the Madness begin…Updates all day……

Today’s Record: 12-4

Update (12:40AM): Maryland takes care of Houston to give us a solid 12-4 record on Day 2. Thanks for following, check back in tomorrow afternoon for coverage of Round 2! continue reading…

Day 1 of the NCAA tournament couldn’t have gone worse for what many believe is/was the best conference in College Basketball. Big East teams went a combined 1-3 yesterday, with their sole win being a 2 over a 15. This has to have Syracuse and other Big East teams playing today at least a little bit concerned. continue reading…

Notre Dame lost a close one yesterday, 51-50 to Old Dominion. Tough way for the ND Seniors to close out their collegiate careers.

Today, we look to another NCAA Tournament game to get a win.

The Matchup: 12:25 PM #11 Minnesota Golden Gophers vs. #6 Xavier Musketeers continue reading…