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Congratulations! It’s Saturday morning, which means that most of you have gotten through a very tough week of work. To reward you, here is another Joke of the Week. Please feel free to “laugh out loud” or even chuckle to yourself at any of these mockeries.

Note: The following is NOT based on fact. If in any case these jokes become real headlines, you have the right to consider me psychic.

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Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you crazy kids out there. As pitchers and catcher report to Tampa today, let’s take a look at the main squeezes of New York’s finest. Get your popcorn ready (Pun intended).

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Sorry ladies, Michael Kay is off the market

What a better way to spend Valentine’s Day Eve than reading about Michael Kay’s wedding. The long time YES Commentator/ESPN Radio personality/overall goofball (50) tied the knot with News 11 anchor, Jodi Applegate (46) last night at the Plaza in NYC. As you can expect, Kay had a vast array of Yankees, past and present, as guests at the wedding.

She's Way Too Good Looking For Kay!

When I first heard that Kay was getting married, the first thought that crossed my mind was whether fellow YES commentator, Paul O’Neill would be in attendance. O’Neill, known for his warrior mentality on the field and regular torment of Kay in the press box, regularly makes fun of Kay during Yankee telecasts. My fears were assuaged as I learned that O’Neill was indeed in attendance.

Fast Facts:

Yankees in attendance: Paul O’Neill, Tino Martinez, Darryl Strawberry, Al Leiter, David Cone (hopefully not too intoxicated), John Flaherty, Joe Girardi, and Hal Steinbrenner.

Straw had this gem of a quote when asked about Kay tying the knot: “He waited this long for the right one. It’s amazing.”

Wedding Song: ‘Haven’t Met You Yet’- Michael Buble

Food: Seafood Bar, Filet Mignon, and Brazino

‘Master of Ceremony’: Rudy Giuliani

Misc: Six foot mermaid ice sculptures protected the seafood bar so O’Neill and Co. wouldn’t get early dibs.