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It’s sad that I have to write this, but we’ve been experiencing some ill-advised comments on different matters. Before posting a comment, please refer to the commenting guidelines. Thank you.

NYSOS has grown to be one of the more friendly, fun sports blogs on the web. We enjoy the constant fan interaction within our site. However, we want to lay down a few ground rules when it comes to commenting on this site.

1. We know that you’ll disagree with us, but when you do, do it in a respectful fashion. Anyone who puts down another commenter, writer, or third-party will be permanently banned from commenting ever again. If you enjoy partaking in this, create your own blog, don’t waste your time here.

2. Do not post spam, dump links, or try to promote your site within ours. That will be deleted as well.

3. Do not post false breaking news. If you do this, you’ll immediately get banned.