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Eli Manning, Shaun O'Hara Interview

Eli Manning tells former teammate that surgery has made him faster because “I can’t get any slower.”

Ex-Giant Shaun O’Hara took the stage to introduce former teammate Eli Manning.

The pair were promoting a recent “FinDD Eli” contest where a lucky fan would get to join Eli in an upcoming Dunkin Donuts commercial.

With Eli’s track record for commercials being arguably as great as his two-time Super Bowl MVP career, that’s quite a prize for DD to be giving away. (“Football Cops”, “Football On Your Phone”)

When O’Hara brought Eli up to the stage for a brief Q&A, Eli’s first question to him was, “How many munchkins did you eat today?” in which O’Hara, without hesitation, answered “27, does that sound familiar?”

A quick dig at Eli’s 27 interceptions in 2013.

Eli took it in stride and got his payback when asked about his ankle surgery. Asked if there were any truth to the rumors that the procedure would actually make Eli faster, he responded, “Yes, definitely, because I can’t get any slower.” He also explained that because he’s a traditional pocket passer, it’s more about elusiveness in the pocket and his ability to slide around tacklers like “after O’Hara would miss his blocking assignments.”

O’Hara 1, Eli 1

Manning made it clear he has no reservations about the ankle at all effecting him in the upcoming season. One he believes will see them back in the playoffs and hopefully winning another championship.

“Last year we got off to such a rough start, but the way the team finished and stuck with each other, we grew up as a team last year. We gotta remember that and bring it into this season to get back to the playoffs and win another championship.”

After just 12 practices at OTA’s, Manning says the team should come into training camp ready to go.

The New Giants Offensive System

“If anyone mastered a new offense in 12 practices, it would be a pretty simple offense.”

This year will be the first that Eli is playing without offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride (retired), who has been replaced with Ben McAdoo.

Ten years in one offensive system certainly allowed Eli to get more and more advanced throughout his career and become a leader for the offense. The biggest change for Manning is the verbiage of the new system. He noted that when making quick decisions, knowing what to yell out to his teammates is key. With Cruz, now the veteran of the receiving corps, it’s easy for the two to communicate with the language they’ve both become accustomed to. Look for this to increase Cruz’s targets in games where adjustments need to be made on the fly.

With so many new guys, they’re all learning this new system and studying together. Old and new players alike have been putting in the work during OTAs to get the team chemistry going and learning each other’s personalities and on-field communication routines.

Manning feels good about where the team is now and knows the preseason games this year will be highly beneficial in solidifying that chemistry.

Potential For The Giants Receivers

The Giants have a lot of new receivers, and offensive players across the board. Along with the new system, that gives potential to see some different faces rise (and fall) to the spotlight.

Manning spoke about his receiving corps:

Rueben Randle

Rueben Randle’s gotta step up and have a great year, and has the potential to do so in his third NFL season. According to Manning, it’s time for Randle to be consistent week in and week out.

Victor Cruz

Manning will continue to look to get to Victor Cruz quickly and let him make plays with the ball.

Odell Beckham Jr.

Rookie Odell Beckham Jr has got a lot of speed and talent. Beckham’s only been out there a few times (sore hamstring), but for a rookie he’s very polished with his route running and his sticks. Manning can see that he was obviously well coached at LSU and in high school.  His knack and feel for getting open, and seeing his bursts and his route running have Eli excited.

Jerrel Jernigan & Mario Manningham

With Jernigan showing some talent last season, and bringing back Super Bowl teammate Manningham after his brief stint with the 49’ers, Eli Manning says the offense has plenty of weapons.

The 2014 season should show the New York Football Giants, when fine-tuned, playing very fast. Manning will be getting the ball out quickly letting the receivers be athletic and make plays.

Going into their eleventh season together, Coach Coughlin still always talks about being a professional and taking care of your business. Everyone knows Coughlin stresses being prepared, and Eli is no different. Sticking to the Coughlin school of work hard, be passionate and dedicated, Eli has clearly left last season in the past and ready to take on 2014 with the clarity and focus that you hear promised in commercials for energy drinks.

Manning is focused on making the players around him the best that they can be, and says he’ll have the offensive team prepared to play every week.

Dunkin Donuts “FinDD Eli” Contest

FinDD Eli event in Ramsey,N.J., Thursday, June 19, 2014. (Photo/Stuart Ramson)

FinDD Eli winner with Shaun O’Hara and Eli Manning (Photo/Stuart Ramson)

In May, Dunkin’ Donuts launched the “FinDD Eli” on-the-cup promotion, where specially marked medium or large beverage offered guests the chance to “find” the New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning via an exciting on-the-cup peel and reveal game and online scavenger hunt.

Thirty-one winners were invited to meet Eli Manning on Thursday, June 19th at a Dunkin’ Donuts in Ramsey, NJ, where the ultimate grand prize was announced – the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to appear alongside New York Giants Superstar QB Eli Manning in an upcoming Dunkin’ Donuts commercial.

After enjoying a Q&A between Eli Manning and his former teammate Shaun O’Hara, the thirty-one attendees each received a sealed envelope. After counting down from the number ten in honor of Manning’s jersey number, the guests all ripped open their envelopes and the grand prize winner was revealed. David Driscoll of Springfield, NJ was the lucky recipient of the “FinDD Eli” cutout, and will be preparing for his television debut in a Dunkin’ Donuts commercial with Eli Manning. All attendees received a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card, tickets to 2014 New York Giants training camp, and a photograph with Eli Manning.

Eli Manning And I Are Actually Twins

In a non-football related discovery, this was my first time meeting Eli Manning in person.

Most people will say that Eli and Peyton look very similar, which they do. Eli even told a (questionably true) story where he was in a local Dunkin Donuts one morning and some guys in the store were debating with him (not realizing who he was) whether he looked more like Eli Manning or Michael Phelps.

I was as shocked as anyone to find out that Eli Manning and I are actually twins, created from a combination of the greatest men on earth as an experiment a la Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito . Like they say, you learn something new every day.

Eli Manning Twins


1. Rudy Gay can play

Maybe it’s because he’s in Memphis or maybe it’s because he’s just now coming into his prime, whatever reason, I didn’t know until tonight that Rudy Gay was a legit, top tier NBA player. I know he had the tools in college, but hadn’t really heard or seen much of him. Other than knowing he was on the Grizz, he wasn’t really on my radar of star players. Now he is. He has a smooth mid range game, solid three, real length and can rise up over anyone at anytime.

2. Zach Randolph can’t jump

I’m pretty sure that Zach Randolph can’t get both feet off the ground at the same time. While that would be a dis on his physical abilities, it’s actually a compliment to the rest of his game. He can rebound, score and play some defense

3. After a two year hiatus, Sheed still gets technicals on his reputation

Rasheed got called for a technical on a play where I thought that:
1. He didn’t even commit the initial foul, it looked like there was minimal contact if any.
2. After the apparent foul, I didn’t see Wallace do anything that would warrant a technical other than speedily shuffle away with his hands on his head.

Besides for the foul trouble and BS technical, Rasheed almost single handedly kept the Knicks in the game when he came in. Sticking to his preseason sentiment of “teaching these players how to play in the post.”

4. Ray Felton can get to the rim on a reverse whenever he wants

Towards the end of the fourth quarter, when the Knicks still had a shot at a possible comeback, Felton made a few moves to the basket and reversed (using the basket as a pick to the post defender) to the rim to score easily. He did the same thing last night in the stretch against San Antonio when leading the comeback of 12 down with 7 minutes to go, which is much more impressive than the loss to Memphis was depressing. This showing from Felton makes me feel confident that he can get clutch points for the team in high pressure situations throughout the regular season and hopefully into the playoffs.

While it’s the Knicks first loss and they seemed a little erratic with their turnovers, fouls and technicals (4), I don’t hold it against them as too much of a negative. It was also the second night in a row of road games. I think the comeback win in San Antonio meant more on a positive note than this loss in Memphis does on a negative note. Especially considering Memphis is now 7-1 and hasn’t lost at home in the regular season since March 16th (and that was an overtime game).

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Jeremy Lin and Jason Kidd

Paul Bereswill/Getty Images

Jeremy Lin has verbally agreed to rejoin the team that cut him loose, opening the door to Lin-sanity with the New York Knicks. The offer for around $30 million dollars over 4 years is quite the deal for someone who was cut multiple times just a year ago and played under 30 games at the NBA level. But Jeremy Lin brings the global marketing appeal of Yao Ming to whichever team he decides to sign with and that’s why sources have quoted the Knicks as saying they will match any deal up to a billion dollars for the young point guard.

Let’s step out of the marketing office and onto the court to look at this deal for the Knicks.

Everyone within ears’ reach of the NBA knows Lin tore it up as a featured player last year before Melo came back from his injury and continued as a more than serviceable quarterback for the Knicks, who won their first playoff game since the merger this past post-season (or at least that’s what it felt like) from there on out. Is the 23 year old ready to take the stage coming into the season on that big poster for the Knicks alongside Melo, Amare and Tyson Chandler?

With the Knicks also acquiring veteran guard Jason Kidd, who won the championship two years ago with Tyson Chandler and has made a few trips to the finals over his 18 year career, not only will Lin have an all-time great as a mentor to help him reach his full potential, but he’ll have real competition in training camp for that starting spot and for minutes on the floor. If he does return, it’s clear that Lin will be the point guard of the future for this team, but right now Kidd could give him a run for his money for that starting spot.

That competition leading up to the season and for minutes throughout could help push Lin’s game even further along and with the guidance of Kidd.

A few more notes on Jason that are interesting:

  • 7th in total rebounds of active NBA players
  • 3rd all time in 3 point field goals
  • 8th all time in assists per game
  • 2nd all time in total steals (1st among active players)
  • 1st in steals per game among active players

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Joe Girardi - Todd Giannattasio - Terry Collins

They thought it was more important to look at the press cameras instead of my cell phone.

Today I had the great opportunity to head over to Yankee Stadium and be part of the press conference with Joe Girardi and Terry Collins. The event started with some talk about how much they both love Dunkin Donuts (sponsor of the event).

Girardi and Collins both spoke about the cross-town rivalry and what it means to the teams. They agreed that it’s the passion of the fans that really drives it. When the Mets were in Washington fans were asking them about it before the Nationals series was even over. Girardi brought up how it’s tough to go out around town if you lose because he knows he’ll hear about it from the Mets fans teasing him and the Yankee fans being upset.

Collins spoke on Johan Santana’s last outing with the no-hitter and had a funny anecdote that after the seventh inning no one would even be there to answer the bullpen phone because everyone back there was up along the fence watching.

How has Andy Pettite effected the clubhouse, his play on the field is better than anyone expected right away, how has he made the team better off the field?

Girardi: His presence is really powerful because he has an expectation for himself and for everyone else. He’s made a difference in the rotation, you can see the rotation has consistently gotten better since he joined. I don’t know if they’re worried he’s going to take one of their spots, but I really believe it’s his presence. His calmness and preparation, for the other guys to be able to see a 39 year old man go to work everyday, I think you can learn a lot from him. He means a lot more to this team than just the day that he pitches.

What did Dickey find at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro that has him leading the league in wins? 

Collins: A better knuckler with command of that sucker!

How is it different going into a big game as a player compared to as a manager?

Girardi: It’s much easier as a player, you’re only responsible for yourself and once you get on the field and start playing all that stuff goes away and you’re focused on that one play or pitch. As a manager you’re responsible for a lot more people out there and you need to focus on setting up the bullpen and everything else.

How do you feel about interleague throughout the season instead of once a year?

Girardi: Well, it’ll be different because usually you try to get everybody ready for about a month, but now you always have to be ready. It’ll be good though because we won’t have those long stands where we lose the DH. Last year we lost our DH for 9 straight games. This year we won’t have that, so it’ll be better that way.

What’s your philosophy with managing a big name, big money roster?

Girardi: It’s nice! But money doesn’t always produce wins, it just means you’ve done it already and they expect you to continue to do it. But they don’t wanna be treated like that, they’re human beings. They have their good days and their bad days and their issues. They want to be treated like men. They know the expectations of putting on a Yankee uniform and that’s what I try to manage.

Two months into the season, what do you like about your team so far and what do you think needs to be improved on?

Collins: To improve, we need to start getting healthy. We need to get Jason back in the lineup and Tejada back in the lineup. What I like is our passionate play. I’ve told people, our young players, they don’t know they’re not supposed to be very good. When they take the field, they think they’re gonna win and that’s the way they’ve gone about it. I credit the veterans on the club, the leadership that they’ve shown in the clubhouse. That’s the fun part of watching them play every night. They don’t get down about it and when they have a good game they don’t get too high either. They know they have to come back out the next day. The young guys are trying to survive, they wanna stay here. They want to go out and show people they belong here.

Girardi: With the struggles that we’ve had at times and the injuries we’ve had, we’re only a half game out of first place I give those guys a lot of credit. No matter who goes down, someone is there to step up. The bullpen has done a tremendous job. We’ve had some struggles with the starting rotation and hitting with runners in scoring position and we look up and we’re a half a game out and I believe all that’s going to change, that bodes well for us.

Talk a little about what’s going on with Ike Davis?

Collins: We try to preach patience in this organization and this guy has tremendous ability. I still believe your seeing the effects of a guy who missed an entire season and is trying to get back. I want to make sure Ike understands we’re behind him and he’s gotta continue to work. If you talk to the players they’ll tell you he’s a tremendous teammate and you don’t wanna lose that. I’ve never seen a guy would come who would come to bat, not a big situation, and have more teammates routing for him to get a hit. To me, I don’t wanna lose those kinda guys.

The minute all of a sudden where a decision is gonna be made, it’s gonna be made with enough to back it up and make a decision and have given him every opportunity but right now we’re not at that point.

Other notes from the conference:

– Jason Bay will be in the lineup and playing left field tonight.

– Gardner said that his elbow wasn’t feeling sore and will be playing this weekend in Charleston.

– Robertson threw live bp yesterday and they’re waiting to see how he feels today and if all is well he’ll go on a rehab start.

– Mariano Rivera has been around the team on all home stands.

*some answers are paraphrased


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Photo courtesy of Yahoo

JR Smith is the newest member of the Knicks and re-enforcement to my point from the Pre-Lin era.

Dude gets off a plane from China, hops on the floor and just balls for 30 minutes. Hits some tough shots and shows some unselfishness, surprisingly. It was even obvious he hadn’t ever played with this squad before with some looking around with the ball while running through the paint.

Result: They beat the defending champs, (fifth best defensive team in the league) and Jeremy Lin continues to school any and all comers. He was double-teamed and trapped the whole game and what does he do?

14 dimes (career high).

A tough third quarter was quickly gathered under control by the wise-beyond-his-only-eight-games floor general. He rallied the team as well as the electric Garden crowd and comes up again with clutch, hard drives to the basket in the final minutes. Lin’s heroics against Dallas turned Steve Novak into a fourth quarter hero, proving he can get to the rack or hit the hot hand in his optimal scoring situation.

JR Smith also foreshadows what this team can do when Melo is inserted back into the line up, assuming he means what he has been saying and buys into the team play and passion on both ends of the floor. If, and that’s a big if, that happens, this Knicks team is all of a sudden a very tough contender in the Eastern Conference. And if the Knicks can claim the fourth or fifth seed, expect a strong run in the post-season.

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Timing is everything in this world and Jeremy Lin is proof of that. He came along at the perfect time as the city has a lot of energy buzzing off of the Giants Superbowl win. The Knicks had been on the borderline of becoming the worst team in the NBA. Mike D’Antoni was two losses from getting fired. All of this culminating in the explosion of Lin-sanity in the city right now.

He makes the team look like a team, the ball movement throughout the offense is up, everyone is playing together cohesively, with high energy on both ends of the floor. They are once again inspired. A week ago I was ready to write about the potential free agent point guards the Knicks could pick up in the off season to be their floor general. Not a top 2 in the league, Chris Paul type, just a solid option to handle the ball and run plays like a real point guard (sorry Tony Douglas). Lin has emerged to fill that role perfectly. If he can keep his play consistent (not the high scoring, but controlling the game and running the team effectively), this team has found its point guard of the future. His court vision, basketball IQ and inspiring enthusiasm are not characteristics that can be flukey so don’t expect those to disappear if his buzz ever does.


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Watching the Giants take on the 49ers in the first half I kept saying how impressed I was with the offensive line and the protection of Eli in the pocket. He looked like he had as much time as he wanted to go through and pick apart the defense, which he and Victor Cruz did by putting up 8 catches for over 100 yards in the first half alone. In the second half and later in the game, the pocket was collapsing quicker and quicker. I could see on TV (which isn’t a good sign) that Kareem McKenzie was getting pushed aside and beat on almost every play. To make it worse, he looked like he was barely putting any effort in once he was beat to try and ward off that defender at least an extra second for Eli to continue performing his surgery.

In-game adjustments are what separate good teams from truly great teams (coaches and players). I’m sure that was in play with the great coaching of Harbough and the Niners great defense, but this showed me a serious lack in conditioning for the Giants offensive linemen. With the two weeks off, hopefully everyone on the squad will be well rested, especially those most important to creating that time that gets Eli into a rhythm with his receivers and then elevate their game to the explosive offense that we’ve seen generate 99 yard touch down plays.

The Patriots aren’t afraid to make those kind of adjustments, which could see their monster Vince Wilfork shift sides to be attacking on McKenzie and bum rushing the quarterback to cause pressure to cause a slight mistake or big turn over. And like the Giants in the Conference Championship, the Patriots are a team that capitalize on opponents mistakes.

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When I first contacted the editor of this site, part of my pitch was that I wanted to write about how Eli was going to finish with a better career than Peyton. Since then, the topic has blown up everywhere and I don’t feel it necessary to add much to the now over saturated conversation.

Sports Blogging Email Request

The best comparison that I’ve heard of the two of them was by Colin Cowherd when he said that Peyton is A-Rod and Eli is Jeter. That holds very true in my eyes, Peyton will have the higher numbers (we’ll see by how much) and overall is the more talented player. But when it comes down to it, crunch time, third down, fourth quarter, final minute of the biggest game in the football world, if your heart hasn’t told you that it’s Eli that you want just yet, your eyes and the statistics are all more than convincing.

Eli Manning 2011 Numbers

During this time that Eli’s play has put him in this Peyton Manning conversation, he’s silently put himself in the room with Tom Brady in two ways. One, he’s carried his team to the wins they need in the big time moments, just as Tom Brady has made his career. At the same time, he earned his first ring against Tom, shutting down his undefeated, record setting season. Keeping his hand from adding a fourth ring and putting him hands down in the top few quarterbacks ever. Again entering his fifth Super Bowl, Brady is looking to add that fourth ring…Or is it going to be Eli adding his second (more than Peyton, now only one behind Brady) and holding Brady back once again from that fourth championship?

It’s not a far reach to see Eli and the Giants heading to another Super Bowl or two in the next 6 years, possibly another against Brady. Putting his appearances and winning percentage in that all-time class. Super Bowl 46 is going to be a great game and a great rematch of the the epic 2008 game and the earlier battle this season. But how about Eli and Coughlin with an experienced receiving corp that’s no longer emerging no-names going for his third ring against Tom Brady and Belichick? Eli 3 for 3 in the Super Bowl (also would be adding at least 3 more playoff wins) matching Brady’s championships in just half the appearances.

That’s the Super Bowl I’m waiting for…

Todd Giannattasio is a guest blogger for New York State Of Sports. Todd runs an online store selling Giants themed apparel, Deja 42. You can follow him on Twitter@Tresnic.

Credit: AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

I don’t want to say never, but it is EXTREMELY rare for me to boo my own team, which is far from what I could say about most fans in the Garden this season. I believe fans have the right to if they bought their tickets to attend, but it’s just not me (unless it’s for Tiki Barber returning to Giants Stadium for something). That said, I did not boo the Knicks during the Milwaukee game Friday night, I just left at the end of the third quarter.

The expectations of this team were clearly placed too high for the way it is currently constituted. And I’m not referring to the talent on this team. I believe Melo and STAT can play together, I believe Chandler’s defensive prowess should improve their overall team game, especially now with the passionate defense I didn’t see coming from Shumpert (if he can control his shot selection consistently and keep making steals and diving on the floor). It’s almost impossible for me to even fathom how a team of professional players can look this abysmal. They were dominated by a 4 – 7 Bucks team from MILWAUKEE that hasn’t won a road game all season and was without one of their best players in Stephen Jackson (who shoots up strip clubs as much as three pointers). This is New York City! Recognized around the world as the mecca of basketball! And they let a team from Wisconsin come in and handle them like that? It was embarrassing to sit in the crowd and watch.

A clear sign that D’Antoni needs to go, whether replaced with a premium candidate now or just an interim assistant filling in until the offseason, came in the second half last night. Down ten in the third quarter with 6:41 to go they called a time out. When D’Antoni came out to talk to the team they all walked passed and sat on the bench. Then it happened again at the next time out…and again.

I can’t imagine that if you took any ten nab players, even Division I college players, in the off season for a pick up game, those teams would look more organized than this Knicks team. This team looks uninspired, lazy and unorganized. It doesn’t look like there are any plays being run. The players are either standing still or running around aimlessly like a bunch of 14 year old rec league players with low basketball IQs.

One of the first things you learn about basketball is to not catch the ball where you can’t score. Why does Tyson Chandler end up with the ball a foot behind the three point line on every third possession? He’s not an offensive threat by any means and especially not there. They need to keep him in the low post and let Amare run pick and rolls with Anthony so they’re both involved in the offense and can get into a rhythm together. Anthony has been resorting back to his ball stopper days where on some plays he brings the ball up and no one else even touches it before he jacks up a shot. Stoudemire is getting greedy when he does get the ball and is taking poor shots that he’s trying to add to his arsenal, but aren’t quite ready for game time action.

D’Antoni’s system has proven not to work here for sustained success, post-season success or even beating average teams. Now he’s lost the players and it’s showing on the floor, there is no reason for him to still be standing on the sidelines for the Knicks.

Todd Giannattasio is a guest blogger for New York State Of Sports. Todd also contributes simple recipes for guys at Easy Recipes For Beginners. You can follow him on Twitter@Tresnic.

Everyone has been talking about how the Giants won’t be able to run against the 49ers this weekend and it could be a factor in determining the game. The 49ers defense is legit; I’m not taking anything away from them, but they will not be able to hold the Giants to less points than Alex Smith will be able to muster together with the help of David Akers foot.

First of all, the Giants were last in rushing yards per game this year, so I don’t even think an extraordinary running game is a necessary for Eli and the Giants offense to have a big game and come out with a convincing victory. Secondly, when the Giants went out to San Francisco earlier this year, they had 92 rushing yards and 311 passing yards (2 TDs, 2 INTs). Ahmad Bradshaw didn’t play, but Brandon Jacobs had 18 carries for 55 yards and Danny Ware had 9 rushes for 34 yards.

During the regular season, the 49ers gave up 308 total yards per game and 77 rushing yards per game. The Giants took them for more than that on both accounts in their last encounter and that was without Ahmad Bradshaw. The Giants averaged 295 passing yards and 89 rushing yards a game, so not only did they take the Niners defense for more than they usually allowed, but they took them for more than they took the rest of the league on average throughout the regular season.

After looking at the SF defensive dominance last week, the Saints runners are soft and got shook early. Pierre Thomas took a huge hit in the first quarter that set the tone for the rest of the game. You could tell that they were scared to run hard and take those blasts from San Fran’s hard hitting unit, but Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw feed off of hard hitting runs. They’ll both be laying hits just as hard right back at the defenders. It’ll just be a difference if it’s at the line of scrimmage or in the open field where they’ll be plowing over anyone in there way between them and the goal line (ask the Jets).

In the last four games, the Giants have won by a margin of  121 – 50. Dominant on both sides of the ball and convincing me (like I’m a hard sell on the Giants ability) that they are clicking on all cylinders and just have too much going on right now to be stopped.

And by the way, the Giants are undefeated in NFC Championship Games.

Todd Giannattasio is a guest blogger for New York State Of Sports. Todd also contributes simple recipes for guys at Easy Recipes For Beginners. You can follow him on Twitter@Tresnic.