Following a loss in the National Championship, the Marcus Mariota bandwagon has taken a serious hit. America has become obsessed with Ohio State quarterback, Cardale Jones and have seemingly forgotten about Mariota. Many Mariota detractors argue that Mariota is a ‘System QB’ and ‘Can’t Make NFL Throws’. It didn’t help that Oregon’s offensive line couldn’t block Ohio State’s pass rush to give Mariota sufficient time, either. Despite a rocky National Championship performance, Mariota possess several traits that nearly all NFL starting quarterbacks have quarterbacks have. We’ll get to those statistics in a minute, but it’s always worth taking a second look at a player once the National Media has turned. Mariota went from decorated Heisman Trophy winner to a complete afterthought in a matter of days. When that happens, it’s a great time to further evaluate the prospect.

There are always five key factors I like to review when evaluating QB prospects.

  1. Breakout Age;
  2. Adjusted Yards per Pass Attempt;
  3. Interceptions per Pass Attempt;
  4. Age on Draft Day; and
  5. Was His Final College Season His Best Season?

By reviewing these four statistics and answering this one question, we have a basis for evaluating quarterback prospects.