In less than a week, the NFL 2014/5  season will start with the first match of the season between reigning champions Seahawks and the Packers. Fans are waiting in anticipation for more great football action after the break and sports bettors are busy checking their odds to find the shortest way to make a fortune!

If you want to cash in on the NFL, but are not aware of the possibilities of sports betting, then take a look at our list of the five biggest NFL bets ever made for some inspiration.

Floyd Mayweather’s KO bet

Floyd Mayweather seems to have a thing for sniffing out when NY football teams are going to take a loss. In 2012, the boxer went on Twitter to post a photo of a winning ticket showing his $200,000 bet on the Dallas Cowboys coming on top against the NY Giants at the NFL’s regular-season opener. The final score was 17-14, with the Cowboys taking the win during the last 30 minutes of the game.

Mayweather is known for laying big bets and also of cashing in equally big piles of winnings and there are rumours, which he strongly denies, that he once dropped a cool $1.8 million bet on a regular-season LA Clippers game.

50 Cent masters the art of betting like a badass

Rapper 50 Cent is known for living on the edge and taking tremendous risks in his personal life. So it’s quite reasonable, as far as he’s concerned, to bet big bucks on proving his hunches true about who’s going to win the next football match.

In one memorable betting incident, after 50 won half a million dollars betting on the Giants in the NFC championship game, he decided to double down and stake a full million on a Giants win at the Super Bowl. If that wasn’t enough, he publicly challenged a particularly attractive female Twitter user known by the handle @mybestassets to bare one of her breasts if he won the bet.

50 did win back his money and more, but @mybestassets had to cancel her Twitter account after receiving a barrage of messages reminding her to keep her end of the agreement.

Phil Mickelson makes betting social

Sports betting requires a calculating mind, the willingness to face the most impossible of odds, as well as plain, old luck. Phil Mickelson, of PGA golfing fame, seems to possess all three qualities and he put them to good use back in 2000 at the beginning of that year’s NFL season.

Together with some friends, Mickelson pooled in a bet totalling $20,000 on the Baltimore Ravens to win the Super Bowl. The odds of this happening stood at a paltry 22-1, yet on January 2001, the Ravens surprised everyone by stepping into the field to square off against (there we go again!) the NY Giants, winning the title and making Mickelson and company some $560,000 richer.

The legend Billy Walters

Billy Walters from Kentucky is a gambler extraordinaire who enjoys a reputation in Vegas and other gambling circles of being a fearless high-roller who sniffs out a win even when the odds seem impossible. He has made a veritable stash over the years, but one legendary bet on an NFL game involved the New Orleans Saints to win Super Bowl XLIV against the Indianapolis Colts.

The chances were pretty slim for the Saints, yet that didn’t stop Billy from wagering $3.5 million on them. Luckily, heaven did smile upon the Saints that day and they left the stadium as the reigning NFL champions while Billy laughed all the way to the bank.

Luck is blind

Who’s Jonah Rechnitz? Nobody really knew who he was until he came up with the most ridiculous betting proposition ever. Mr Rechnitz decided on impulse to wager $1,000 on safety as being the first score of Super Bowl XLVI, an outcome whose odds stood at 50-1.

One can only imagine the look of disbelief on his friends’ face when they saw the Giants scoring first in the game via safety, making Jonah Rechnitz’s bank account richer by $50,000 and an overnight betting sensation.

Betting on NFL matches online

They say that luck favours the bold, and this isn’t truer than where sports betting is involved. Like the players on the fields, bettors have to demonstrate nerves of steel and a determination to risk big and win big in return.

You too can try your luck at sports betting and make a fortune like the people in this list by checking out the reputable online sports betting operators that let you open up an account and bet on NFL games and all your favourite sports.

Opening an online sports betting account is free and after making your first deposit you’ll be rewarded with free cash and generous welcome bonus packages that will get rolling in money in no time!

Becoming a champion sports bettor

What does it take to be a champion sports bettor? Luck certainly plays a big part, coupled with the right attitude towards winning and losing. However, you can massage the odds in your favour by picking up systems and strategies from veteran sports bettors and learning more about your favourite sports thanks to the many online tutorials and articles available.