The NFL Playoffs begin Saturday afternoon in Indianapolis when the Colts host the Kansas City Chiefs. Wildcard weekend is filled with some interesting match-ups that include New Orleans at Philadelphia, San Diego at Cincinnati, and San Francisco at Green Bay. Winners from these games will take on the Top 2 teams in each conference, which include the heavily favored Seattle Seahawks (13-3) and Denver Broncos (13-3). The Seahawks enter the playoffs as (+180) odds to win the Super Bowl while the Broncos enter the playoffs as (+260) odds to win the Super Bowl.

While these two teams are given the best odds to win the Super Bowl, we have to look a little deeper for value. Here are two teams that provide bettors with a decent value:

  1. San Francisco 49ers (+500): Last year’s NFC Champions open this weekend in Green Bay, but currently have the third best odds to win the Super Bowl. The 49ers have won six games in a row and have shown the ability to get hot and run through opponents. In addition, San Francisco is one of only two playoff teams to beat Seattle this season. San Francisco will probably have to go to Seattle and win to make it to the Super Bowl. If they do, their odds will drastically increase.
  2. Kansas City Chiefs (+2000): This is purely a gut call. The odds are extremely slim, but the Chiefs have the shown the ability to win on the road. Alex Smith should be able to effectively manage the game and feed Jamaal Charles early and often. A win by Kansas City will likely set-up a third match-up against the Denver Broncos. The old adage is: It’s nearly impossible to beat one team three times in one season. Denver already has two wins over Kansas City. Getting that third win in its biggest game of the year will be a tall order. If Kansas City can knock off Denver, it’ll have a great chance to make the Super Bowl.

Each week, super bowl picks and odds will change to reflect game results. I like Seattle to win the Super Bowl, but I wouldn’t mind hedging that bet with a San Francisco Super Bowl bet. I fully expect this match-up to happen in two weeks with the winner heading to the Super Bowl. In the AFC, it’s hard not to like the Denver bet with the Kansas City hedge with the same rationale as Seattle-San Francisco.