The final week of the regular season is over. We took down first place in League #1 and scored the most points in League #2, netting us the #2 seed. After the dust settled, we play in semi-final match-ups during Week 12. Wins in Week 12 head-to-head match-ups advance us to the Week 13 league championship. Regardless of our Week 12 result, both teams advanced into the big money, overall championship round that occurs during Weeks 14-16. 

 Team: The Cowboy Chicken 1

Starting Lineup: 
QB: Cam Newton (vs NE): 28.65 points 
RB: Matt Forte (vs BAL): 23.50 points 
RB: Frank Gore (at NO): 7.60 points 
WR: Torrey Smith (at CHI): 14.20 points 
WR: Riley Cooper (vs WSH): 6.70 points 
TE: Jordan Cameron (at CIN): 11.90 points 
FLEX: Reggie Bush (at PIT): 7.30 points 
FLEX: Anquan Boldin (at NO): 17.60 points 
K: David Akers (at PIT): 9.50 points 
DEF: Houston (vs OAK): 8.00 points

BYEs: None
Injured: Randall Cobb

Team Score: 135.05 (League Rank: #1) 
Record: 10-1, (135.05 vs. 128.25) 
Overall: 2,300 (+110 spots)
#1 Seed Clinched

Waivers: Added: New York Jets (Dropped: Denver Broncos, $6), David Akers (Dropped: Mason Crosby)

Waiver Strategy: On a forward looking basis, we liked the Jets match-ups in Weeks 13-16 (vs MIA, vs OAK, @CAR, vs CLE). Denver has a tougher slate. The Jets are such an up-and-down team, so if we decide to play the defense, we should probably play them after a loss. 

Waiver Budget Remaining: $112

Lineup Decisions: Two big blunders this week. Michael Floyd went off for 193 yards and 1 TD. We haven’t been able to play him when he has a big game. Delanie Walker is becoming more involved with Ryan Fitzpatrick at QB. Walker caught all 10 of his targets for 91 yards and 1 TD.

Injuries: We still don’t trust playing Roddy White. What a bust of a pick. 

Final Thoughts: It was nice getting a win over Banks to finish off the regular season. The 10-1 record is easily the best we’ve ever done. While our point total isn’t very high, we’ve advanced by virtue of taking care of our weekly match-ups. As the #1 seed, we take on the #4 seed, Boomer Sooner in the semi-finals next week. Boomer Sooner is responsible for giving us our only loss this season. 

Team: The Cowboy Chicken 2

Starting Lineup: 
QB: Cam Newton (vs NE): 28.65 points 
RB: Adrian Peterson (at SEA): 6.50 points
RB: Pierre Thomas (vs NO): 13.40 points
WR: Brandon Marshall (vs BAL): 8.20 points 
WR: Demaryius Thomas (vs KC): 17.10 points 
TE: Jordan Cameron (at CIN): 11.90 points 
FLEX: Andre Ellington (at JAX): 3.30 points 
FLEX: Marques Colston (vs SF): 13.00 points 
K: Mason Crosby (at NYG): 9.70 points 
DEF: New York Jets (at BUF): 1.00 points

BYEs: None
Injuries: None

Team Score: 112.75 (League Points Rank: #1, +50, Record Rank: #4) 
Record: 6-5, (112.75 vs 107.25) 
Overall: 360 (-140 spots)

Waivers: Added: Rishard Matthews (Dropped: Zach Miller, $35), New York Jets (Dropped: Brandon Bolden, $111), Owen Daniels (Dropped: Robert Meachem)

Waiver Strategy: As stated above, we liked the Jets’ match-ups on a go-forward basis. However, the Jets gave up 37 points to the Bills and looked downright dreadful. Bad play, but it did not cost us. Rishard Matthews had a big Monday night performance against Tampa Bay, so we added him. We probably won’t play him unless we get into a bind. Finally, Owen Daniels may come back in Week 14 or 15, so we stashed him. 

Waiver Budget Remaining: $75

Lineup Decisions: Shane Vereen came back, but since he played on Monday Night Football, we didn’t want to risk taking a 0 if he didn’t end up playing. Now that we know he’s good to go, we can play him next week against Denver. Vereen has taken over the Danny Woodhead role in the offense and ironically, Danny Woodhead had a good game against Denver earlier this season. Woodhead posted 44 total yards and 1 TD. 

Injuries: No major injuries.

Final Thoughts: Our team put up a stinker, but we had a comfortable point lead and we just needed to make it to 110-120 points, which we did. After the dust settled on MNF, we were locked into the #2 seed. As the #2 seed, we’ll face the #3 seed, Seidel. This should be a fun, high scoring affair. 

On to Week 12…