Week 10: One playoff berth (and regular season championship clinched). Another is only a few points away…

 Team: The Cowboy Chicken 1

Starting Lineup: 
QB: Cam Newton (at SF): 8.95 points 
RB: Matt Forte (vs DET): 8.90 points 
RB: Frank Gore (vs CAR): 12.30 points 
WR: Torrey Smith (vs CIN): 15.60 points 
WR: Riley Cooper (at GB): 25.20 points 
TE: Tyler Eifert (at BAL): 10.00 points 
FLEX: Reggie Bush (at CHI): 14.30 points 
FLEX: Michael Floyd (vs HOU): 5.10 points 
K: Mason Crosby (vs PHI): 7.90 points 
DEF: Houston (at ARI): 7.00 points

BYEs: Jordan Cameron
Injured: Michael Vick, Randall Cobb

Team Score: 114.15 (League Rank: #1) 
Record: 9-1, (114.15 vs. 89.65) 
Overall: 2,414th (-410 spots)
#1 Seed Clinched

Waivers: Added: Riley Cooper (Dropped: Jeremy Kerley), Joe Flacco (Dropped: Michael Vick, $34), Cleveland Browns (Dropped: Khiry Robinson)

Waiver Strategy: Riley Cooper had a big time breakout game against the Raiders. Green Bay’s pass defense hasn’t been great, so we bid up and landed Cooper. No other team bid for him, so we were happy to have him. Cooper pretty much carried us to a Week 10 victory. Michael Vick is injured and lost his starting job to Nick Foles so we opted for the steady ‘Elite’ Joey Flacco as a back-up. The Cleveland Browns are a grab and stash. They have a prime Week 13 match-up at home against Jacksonville if we advance to the league championship.

Lineup Decisions: With Jordan Cameron on a bye, we had to choose between Tyler Eifert and Delanie Walker. Both players scored more than 10 points, but Walker bested Eifert by 8 points. Jake Locker was injured during the first quarter and back-up Ryan Fitzpatrick started looking for Walker early and often. He’s worth watching. 

Injuries: Roddy played 75 of 77 snaps, but only had two catches. We probably can’t roll him out until we see a big performance. Cobb is a permanent fixture until Week 15. 

Final Thoughts: This week’s win, coupled with a Boomer Sooner loss, locked up the #1 seed in the league playoffs. Next week’s Week 11 match-up against Banks is irrelevant from a league perspective, but we still want to boost our overall point total. We’ll wait to see who our Week 12 opponent is, but this team will play through Week 16, regardless. 

Team: The Cowboy Chicken 2

Starting Lineup: 
QB: Cam Newton (at SF): 8.95 points 
RB: Adrian Peterson (vs WSH): 21.70 points
RB: Pierre Thomas (vs DAL): 30.30 points
WR: Brandon Marshall (vs DET): 32.90 points 
WR: Demaryius Thomas (at SD): 35.80 points 
TE: Zach Miller (vs ATL): 0.00 points
FLEX: Andre Ellington (vs HOU): 9.90 points 
FLEX: Marques Colston (vs DAL): 23.70 points 
K: Mason Crosby (vs PHI): 7.90 points 
DEF: Indianapolis (vs STL): 7.00 points

BYEs: Jordan Cameron, Brandon Bolden
Injuries: Shane Vereen

Team Score: 173.95 (League Points Rank: #1, +65, Record Rank: #5) 
Record: 5-5, (173.95 vs 121.85) 
Overall: 262 (+140 spots)

Waivers: Added: Indianapolis Colts (Dropped: New Orleans, $63), Robert Meachem (Dropped: Jeremy Kerley)

Waiver Strategy: We liked Indy’s match-up at home against St. Louis. It didn’t work out as expected, but the Colts were still able to score seven points. Marques Colston was questionable heading into the game, but played. Meachem was our contingency plan.

Lineup Decisions: Jordan Cameron was on a bye, so our hands were tied at TE. We ended up playing Miller (0 points) over Quarless (2.3 points). Won’t lose too much sleep over the move, but we made the wrong one. Miller had a huge game against Atlanta in the NFC playoffs last season, so we were hoping for a similar performance. 

Injuries: No major injuries.

Final Thoughts: Our WRs carried us this week. Thomas, Colston, and Marshall covered up ugly games by Newton and Miller. This team currently sits at 5-5, but we carry the overall point lead by 65 points. We just need to out-score the second place team by 65 points this week and we’ll secure the #2 seed in the playoffs, which guarantees play through Week 16. Week 11 is not an irrelevant week for us, but if we put up an average score, we’ll lock up the #2 seed.

On to Week 11…