An ugly Week 9 is behind us…More after the jump…

 Team: The Cowboy Chicken 1

Starting Lineup: 
QB: Cam Newton (vs ATL): 22.65 points 
RB: Matt Forte (at GB): 28.90 points 
RB: Khiry Robinson (at NYJ): 0.0 points 
WR: Torrey Smith (at CLE): 12.80 points 
WR: Jeremy Kerley (vs NO): 1.10 points 
TE: Jordan Cameron (vs BAL): 1.90 points 
FLEX: Tyler Eifert (at MIA): 5.90 points 
FLEX: Delanie Walker (at STL): 4.30 points 
K: Mason Crosby (vs CHI): 8.00 points 
DEF: Houston (vs IND): 4.00 points

BYEs: Frank Gore, Reggie Bush, Anquan Boldin, Kendall Hurt, Michael Floyd, Denver
Injured: Michael Vick, Randall Cobb, Roddy White

Team Score: 89.15 (League Rank: #1) 
Record: 8-1, (113.95 vs. 89.15) 
Overall: 2,140th (-415 spots)

Waivers: Added: Randall Cobb (Dropped; Andrew Quarless, $253); Houston Defense (Dropped: New Orleans); Khiry Robinson (Dropped: Tashard Choice)

Waiver Strategy: The majority of our skill position position players were on a bye, so we were really scraping by with this lineup. A team cut Randall Cobb and we jumped all over him. He won’t return until Week 15 at the earliest, but our team is set-up well and the playoffs are definitely within our grasp. The injury to Aaron Rodgers is concerning, but hopefully both players will be back by Week 15. Houston defense squares off at home against Jackonsville in Week 12, so this was a pre-emptive pick-up by us. 

Lineup Decisions: Lots of bye week players to deal with. Had to roll with who was healthy and playing.

Injuries: Roddy was out again. Michael Vick joined him on the injury table while Nick Foles dropped 7 TDs on Oakland. Cobb is a permanent fixture until Week 15. 

Final Thoughts: We knew we were going to take a loss. We agreed to never discuss this week again and just move forward to Week 10. 

Team: The Cowboy Chicken 2

Starting Lineup: 
QB: Cam Newton (vs ATL): 22.65 points 
RB: Adrian Peterson (at DAL): 26.70 points
RB: Pierre Thomas (at NYJ): 16.00 points
WR: Brandon Marshall (at GB): 23.70 points 
WR: Jeremy Kerley (vs NO): 20.50 points 
TE: Jordan Cameron (vs BAL): 1.40 points
FLEX: Brandon Bolden (vs PIT): 3.60 points 
FLEX: Zach Miller (vs TB): 9.20 points 
K: Mason Crosby (vs CHI): 8.00 points 
DEF: New Orleans (at NYJ): 2.00 points

BYEs: Andre Ellington, Demaryius Thomas, Rueben Randle
Injuries: Marques Colston, Shane Vereen

Team Score: 115.05 (League Points Rank: #1, +25, Record Rank: #5) 
Record: 4-5, (115.05 vs 136.65) 
Overall: 402 (-180 spots)

Waivers: Added: None

Lineup Decisions: Just like Team #1, this team had to deal with a lot of injuries to key players and bye weeks. Tough week.

Injuries: No major injuries.

Final Thoughts: Not exactly how we wanted these week to go, but bad weeks happen. We’re still in the points lead, so we have to deliver a huge score next week.

On to Week 10…