A mixed bag of results after Week 7. More after the jump…

 Team: The Cowboy Chicken 1

Starting Lineup: 
QB: Cam Newton (vs STL): 16.80 points 
RB: Frank Gore (at TEN): 24.40 points 
RB: Reggie Bush (at CIN): 12.40 points 
WR: Anquan Boldin (at TEN): 12.40 points 
WR: Torrey Smith (at PIT): 9.10 points 
TE: Jordan Cameron (at GB): 22.00 points 
FLEX: Matt Forte (at WSH): 30.90 points 
FLEX: Michael Floyd (vs SEA): 10.80 points 
K: Mason Crosby (vs CLE): 7.00 points 
DEF: New England (at NYJ): 12.00 points

Team Score: 157.80 (League Rank: #1) 
Record: 7-0, (157.80 vs. 96.40) 
Overall: 1,163th

Waivers: Added: New Orleans (Dropped: Benny Cunningham, $2), Added: Mason Crosby (Dropped: Garrett Hartley, $4).

Waiver Strategy: An overall quiet week on the waiver wire. We were out-bid on both Jarrett Boykin (Bid: $73, went for $523) and Timothy Wright (Bid: $112, went for $200).

Lineup Decisions: Nothing too big this week. Roddy White was ruled out, so he was not an option. We opted to play Michael Floyd over Jeremy Kerley, which proved to be the wrong decision. 

Injuries: Michael Vick was out, so by default, we played Cam Newton–and he delivered. Newton’s bye week is out of the way, so we can roll with him. 

Final Thoughts: Just keep winning. We’re 7-0 and moving forward. Right now, we’re 1 game ahead of the field and we’re 3rd in points scored within the league. The next two weeks will be rough with bye weeks, but if this team can go 1-1 heading into Week 10, we’ll take it. 

Team: The Cowboy Chicken 2

Starting Lineup: 
QB: Cam Newton (vs STL): 16.80 points 
RB: Adrian Peterson (at NYG): 7.60 points
RB: Andre Ellington (vs SEA): 3.30 points
WR: Brandon Marshall (at WSH): 13.50 points 
WR: Demaryius Thomas (at IND): 18.20 points 
TE: Jordan Cameron (at GB): 22.0 points 
FLEX: Rueben Randle (vs MIN): 13.0 points 
FLEX: Timothy Wright (vs ATL): 4.50 points 
K: Mason Crosby (vs CLE): 7.00 points 
DEF: Baltimore (at PIT): 5.00 points

Team Score: 110.90 (League Rank: #3) 
Record: 4-3, (125.05 vs. 110.90) 
Overall: 248th

Waivers: Added: Timothy Wright (Dropped: Benny Cunningham, $153), New Orleans (Dropped: St. Louis, $12).

Waiver Strategy: Our New Orleans players had byes this week, so we needed to add some depth. Wright received 18 targets during the past two weeks, so he was worth an add. We added New Orleans to play them in Week 8 and 9 (vs. BUF, at NYJ). 

Lineup Decisions: The byes played an issue with our lineup decisions. We opted to play Rueben Randle over Jeremy Kerley, which proved to be the wrong decisions. Randle is so boom or bust. 

Injuries: No major injuries.

Final Thoughts: Overall, it was a disappointing week. This team has the ability to put up a huge weekly score or totally flame out. This was a flame out week. We couldn’t get any production out of Adrian Peterson and the rest of our team just tanked. We fell about 150 spots in the overall ranks, so we’ll try to improve in Week 8.

On to Week 8…