After a disappointing Week 5, we came back with two more wins in Week 6..More after the jump.

 Team: The Cowboy Chicken 1

Starting Lineup: 
QB: Cam Newton (at MIN): 33.10 points 
RB: Frank Gore (vs ARI): 10.10 points 
RB: Reggie Bush (at CLE): 24.50 points 
WR: Anquan Boldin (vs ARI): 5.80 points 
WR: Torrey Smith (vs GB): 2.20 points 
TE: Jordan Cameron (vs DET): 13.90 points 
FLEX: Matt Forte (vs NYG): 17.10 points 
FLEX: Jeremy Kerley (at PIT): 3.90 points 
K: Garrett Hartley (at NE): 9.90 points 
DEF: Denver (vs JAX): 6.00 points

Team Score: 126.50 (League Rank: #1) 
Record: 6-0, (126.50 vs. 122.50) 
Overall: 1,980th

Waivers: None

Waiver Strategy: We took a week off from the waiver wire. Last week’s main addition, Benny Cunningham, did not start. Instead, Jeff Fisher gave the start to Zac Stacy. Looks like we picked the wrong STL RB. 

Lineup Decisions: Nothing too big this week. Atlanta was on a bye, so we didn’t have the ‘Roddy Decision’. His high ankle sprain isn’t getting any better, so at this point, I don’t think we can play him. We’re having a tough time getting consistent production out of our second flex spot, which was been a killer. We’ll try to correct that in Week 7. 

Injuries: Michael Vick was out, so by default, we played Cam Newton–and he delivered. Newton’s bye week is out of the way, so we can roll with him. 

Final Thoughts: Wins are wins. This team is not putting up big point totals like Team 2, so we are relying on weekly wins. Right now, we’re 5th in total points scored, about 50 points behind the league leader. So far, so good. 

Team: The Cowboy Chicken 2

Starting Lineup: 
QB: Cam Newton (at MIN): 33.10 points 
RB: Adrian Peterson (vs CAR): 11.30 points
RB: Pierre Thomas (at NE): 9.00 points
WR: Brandon Marshall (vs. NYG): 29.70 points 
WR: Demaryius Thomas (vs JAX): 10.80 points 
TE: Jordan Cameron (vs DET): 13.90 points 
FLEX: Marques Colston (at NE): 2.10 points 
FLEX: Andre Ellington (at SF): 20.20 points 
K: Mason Crosby (at BAL): 16.70 points 
DEF: St. Louis (at HOU): 25.00 points

Team Score: 171.80 (League Rank: #2) 
Record: 4-2, (171.80 vs. 114.20) 
Overall: 88th

Waivers: Added: Mason Crosby (Dropped: Blair Walsh, $1)

Waiver Strategy: Caleb Sturgis was our kicker, but given his bye week, we initially added Walsh. Walsh was listed on the injury report, so we didn’t want to take any chances, so we added Crosby and it paid off. 

Lineup Decisions: No bye week issues. Rolled with our normal lineup. 

Injuries: No major injuries.

Final Thoughts: After a big week, we were able to regain the total points lead. We currently hold the points lead by about 31 points. Record-wise, we’re only 1 game behind the leader (who beat earlier this year). Our New Orleans players had a disappointing week, but the rest of our team stepped up. Demaryius and Jordan have been quiet relatively quiet, so I’m expecting big week(s) in the near future.

The St. Louis defense was the biggest surprise of the year, putting up a huge total against Houston’s suspect offense. This team is back in the Top 100 overall!

On to Week 7…