Week 5 was our most disappointing showing to date, but we were able to manage one win. More after the jump..

 Team: The Cowboy Chicken 1

Starting Lineup:
QB: Michael Vick** (vs NYG): 13.15 points
RB: Frank Gore (vs HOU): 14.30 points
RB: Reggie Bush (at GB): 10.90 points
WR: Anquan Boldin (vs HOU): 4.10 points
WR: Torrey Smith (at MIA): 18.10 points
TE: Jordan Cameron (vs BUF): 8.10 points
FLEX: Matt Forte (vs NO): 15.50 points
FLEX: LeGarrette Blount (at CIN): 5.10 points
K: Garrett Hartley (at CHI): 18.10 points
DEF: Denver (at DAL): 8.00 points

Team Score: 115.15 (League Rank: #1)
Record: 5-0, (115.15 vs. 111.75)
Overall: 1,578th

Waivers: Added: Benny Cunningham (Dropped Carolina Panthers, $77), Jeremy Kerley (Dropped: Harry Douglas, $46), LeGarrette Blount (Dropped: Chris Polk, $112)

Waiver Strategy: On Wednesday, we tried to add Rashad Jennings and Rueben Randle, but both players went for $479 and $122, respectively, which was out of our budget. Stevan Ridley did not practice all week and was ruled out late on Friday evening before waivers. We threw a bid on Blount due to his good running the week before in Atlanta and his opportunity to be a featured runner. Daryl Richardson announced via Twitter that he wasn’t starting, so we assumed that Cunningham, who was seeming an increase in snaps, would start.

Lineup Decisions: After an uninspiring Week 4, we benched Roddy again. Things are not looking good for him and it appears we wasted a 4th rounder on him. We opted to play Blount over Kerley due to the volume of touches Blount would receive. Blount is touchdown dependent and did get some goal line carries, but did not cash in. Kerley out-scored him.

Injuries: Michael Vick left the game right before half time and did not return. Luckily, he amassed 77 first half rushing yards and left behind a respectable total. If Vick doesn’t get hurt, we win going away.

Final Thoughts: This was by far our worst showing of the year. Hartley posted the highest individual total, so it’s a miracle that we won. Our opponent got decent games out of Matt Ryan (24 points) and Jamaal Charles (25.5), but didn’t get much else.

After a light point showing, we’re third in total points scored, about 39 points off the leader. We’ll look to improve our record to 6-0 next week.

Team: The Cowboy Chicken 2

Starting Lineup:
QB: Cam Newton (at ARI): 14.90 points
RB: Andre Ellington (vs CAR): 12.30 points
RB: Pierre Thomas (at CHI): 30.10 points
WR: Brandon Marshall (vs. NO): 13.00 points
WR: Demaryius Thomas (vs DAL): 10.70 points
TE: Jordan Cameron (vs BUF): 8.10 points
FLEX: Marques Colston (at CHI): 3.50 points
FLEX: Jeremy Kerley (at ATL): 17.80 points
K: Caleb Sturgis (vs BAL): 13.50 points
DEF: St. Louis (vs JAX): 14.00 points

Team Score: 137.90 (League Rank: #4)
Record: 3-2, (137.90 vs. 14o.05)
Overall: 248th

Waivers: Added: Benny Cunningham (Dropped Joseph Fauria, $74), Jeremy Kerley (Dropped: Delanie Walker, $53), St. Louis Rams (Dropped: Zach Sudfeld, $53), Caleb Sturgis (Dropped: Blair Walsh, $2)

Waiver Strategy: Pretty much the same comments as above. In this league, we only had the Baltimore defense and saw an opportunity to grab the Rams and play them at home against the ‘inept’ Jacksonville offense. Walsh was on a bye, so we grabbed Sturgis.

Lineup Decisions: No major decisions. Ellington and Thomas did well and filled in nicely for AP.

Injuries: No major injuries.

Final Thoughts: We were able to sneak out a win in League #1, but were not as fortunate in League 2. Heading into Monday Night’s NYJ @ ATL game, we held a respectable 17 point lead with Jeremy Kerley against Matt Ryan, Tony Gonzalez, and NYJ’s defense. It was an exciting finish, but we couldn’t overcome the 45 output by Gonzo and Ryan. Still, we’re second in the league in total points scored and only 20 points behind the leader.

On to Week 6…