A great Week 3! Two more wins added to the vault. More after the jump…

Team: The Cowboy Chicken 1

Starting Lineup:
QB: Michael Vick (vs KC): 21.95 points
RB: Frank Gore (vs IND): 12.30 points
RB: Matt Forte (at PIT): 21.10 points
WR: Anquan Boldin (vs IND): 11.70 points
WR: Torrey Smith (vs HOU): 14.20 points
TE: Jordan Cameron (at MIN): 33.60 points
FLEX: Michael Floyd (at NO): 8.90 points
FLEX: Tyler Eifert (vs GB): 2.20 points
K: Garrett Hartley (vs ARI): 7.10 points
DEF: Denver (vs OAK): 3.00 points

Team Score: 136.50 (League Rank: #1)
Record: 3-0, (136.50 vs. 100.50)
Overall: 1,975th

Waivers: Added Delanie Walker (Dropped: Brandon Bolden, $23); Minnesota Vikings (Dropped: Joseph Fauria, $25)
Waiver Budget Remaining: $907

Waiver Strategy: After the Zach Sudfeld experiment blew up, we decided to add Delanie Walker. Through his first two games, Walker had 10 targets, 6 catches, 59 yards, and 1 TD. After Bolden’s surprising Week 3 performance, we pre-maturely cut him. Even though we have Denver and New England’s defenses, we added Minnesota. We liked their match-up at home against Cleveland, so we bid on them to keep them away from our opposition.

Lineup Decisions: After practicing on Friday, Reggie Bush was inactive on Sunday. We expect him back next week. Bush’s absence made our flex spots a little weak. We went with Tyler Eifert, who only registered one catch for 7 yards. Coming into the game, Green Bay was dismantled by opposing tight end (Vernon Davis, Jordan Reed), so we hoped Eifert could give us 10 points or so. Didn’t happen. We stuck with Michael Floyd and he looked good early on. However, New Orleans’ pass rush was too much for Arizona and Palmer didn’t have much time to throw. Arizona plays Tampa Bay next week, so we expect Floyd to see additional targets with Larry Fitzgerald visiting Revis Island.

Injuries: Roddy White was active and played, but only registered two catches for 15 yards. He’s not running any of his deep routes that have made him one of the better wide receivers in football. He’s exclusively running deep drags and crossing routes, which aren’t his strength. He’ll continue to sit on our bench until he shows us a good week of practice. Atlanta has a Week 6 bye, so let’s hope he’s full speed by Week 7. Reggie Bush was inactive, so he found a spot on the bench next to Roddy.

Final Thoughts: We’re the only 3-0 team. We caught a few breaks and our opponent lost Jermichael Finley, Miles Austin, and Vincent Jackson during the match-up. Still, we didn’t have Roddy White or Reggie Bush. Jordan Cameron keeps bailing us out and covers up our giant Sudfeld gaffe.

We’re second in total points scored, but a lot of teams are bunched up. We’ll look to improve our record to 4-0.

Team: The Cowboy Chicken 2

Starting Lineup:
QB: Cam Newton (vs NYG): 32.65 points
RB: Adrian Peterson (vs CLE): 23.50 points
RB: Pierre Thomas (vs ARI): 12.70 points
WR: Brandon Marshall (at PIT): 12.20 points
WR: Demaryius Thomas (vs OAK): 19.40 points
TE: Jordan Cameron (at MIN): 33.60 points
FLEX: Marques Colston (vs ARI): 12.10 points
FLEX: Bernard Pierce (vs HOU): 15.20 points
K: Blair Walsh (vs CLE): 10.30 points
DEF: Minnesota (vs CLE): 11.00 points

Team Score: 180.65 (League Rank: #2)
Record: 2-1, (180.65 vs. 150.05)
Overall: 116th

Waivers: Added Minnesota (Dropped: New Orleans, $50); Andre Ellington (Dropped: Joseph Fauria, $31); Delanie Walker (Dropped: Zach Sudfeld, $22); Blair Walsh (Dropped: Greg Zuerlein, $2)
Waiver Budget Remaining: $850

Waiver Strategy: We swapped out kickers, which led to a 10-point gain for just peanuts. Our defenses aren’t as strong in this league, so we bid up for Minnesota. Cleveland scored on them, but Minnesota forced multiple turnovers and sacked journeyman Brian Hoyer. Ellington is an interesting add because he’s the best receiving back in Arizona. The stats aren’t there yet, but his snap count is increasing. Rashard Mendenhall missed a lot of practice last week, but ended up playing. Mendenhall isn’t exactly an ironman, so Ellington may get his chance sooner rather than later. We’ll keep him on ice.

Week 2 add Brandon Bolden totaled 100 yards in Week 3. Tampa Bay has a very good front 7, so Bolden was deployed on the edges. Depending on the match-up, we may roll Bolden out.

Lineup Decisions: No major decisions. We opted to play Minnesota (vs CLE) over Baltimore (vs HOU) which proved to be the wrong decision.

Injuries: Ray Rice was inactive, so we started Bernard Pierce in Week 3 at home against the Texans. Pierce gave up 70 total yards and 1 TD against a tough Texan defense. If Rice misses Week 4, Pierce has a juicy match-up at Buffalo. Buffalo gave up 150 total yards to Bilal Powell in Week 3.

Final Thoughts: We weathered the Jimmy Graham storm (38.80 points). Cam Newton (233 passing yards, 3 TDs, 45 rushing yards, 1 TD) is back. The Panthers shredded the Giants’ defense and looked like the Cam of last year. He’s on a bye in Week 4, but we feel good about playing him going forward. Mark Ingram was inactive and Pierre Thomas compiled 70 total yards and six receptions. Thomas is always a sure bet for 8-15 points depending on the match-up. We’ll keep using him until we have a reason not to.

On to Week 4…