Week 1 of the 2013 NFL Season is in the books. So far, so good for our FFPC teams. Both teams picked up a win. However, we’re dealing with injury issues on both teams. More on that after the jump….



Team: The Cowboy Chicken 1

Starting Lineup:
QB: Michael Vick (at WSH): 29.55 points
RB: Reggie Bush (vs MIN): 29.10 points
RB: Matt Forte (vs CIN): 19.10 points
WR: Roddy White (at NO): 3.90 points
WR: Torrey Smith (at DEN): 13.20 points
TE: Jordan Cameron (vs MIA): 30.30 points
FLEX: Zach Sudfeld (at BUF): 0.00 points
FLEX: Frank Gore (vs GB): 14.50 points
K: Garrett Hartley (vs ATL): 12.90 points
DEF: New England (at BUF): 4 points

Team Score: 156.55 (League Rank: #5)

Reaction: Our bench didn’t change from our draft day. We had two decisions to make regarding our starting lineup.

Decision #1: Roddy White vs. Anquan Boldin

Making roster decisions is always tough, especially in Week 1 when you don’t have any new data. Roddy White is currently dealing with a high ankle sprain and did not practice all week. FBG staffer Jene Bramel wrote a good piece about WRs and dealing with high ankle sprains. In short, only Andre Johnson had success a few weeks after suffering the injury. Johnson and White run two different route trees and White’s routes require lots of cutting and planting that his ankle clearly wasn’t ready for. Still, Roddy has one of the longest active game streaks in the NFL, so counting against him is foolish. Going into Week 1, we had no idea what to expect from Anquan Boldin. 13 catches, 200 yards, and 43 fantasy points later, we’ll make sure he’s in our lineup for Week 2. 

Decision #2: Cam Newton vs. Michael Vick

This decision was pretty easy. Newton was facing the league’s top defense (Seattle). Vick was heading down I-95 to take on RGIII and the Skins. We’re heard and read all of the rumors about Chip Kelly’s fast pace offense, so plugging and playing Vick was an easy choice. Newton only scored 14 points, so we made the right decision. We don’t expect Vick to stay healthy for the entire year, but we’ll ride him while he has the hot hand.

Injuries: Roddy is an issue. At this point, I hope he sits out for two or three games and comes back 100% healthy. We have depth behind him. We have no plans of starting ‘Decoy Roddy’ and teams won’t respect him. 

Final Thoughts: Oy vey, Zach DUDfeld, oy vey. Outside of Boldin, nothing too exciting happened with our bench. Michael Floyd (12.10 points) and Tyler Eifert (11.80 points) had nice games. We’ll keep them and may choose to start them. Expect us to be active on waivers. 

Team: The Cowboy Chicken 2

Starting Lineup:
QB: Joe Flacco (vs DEN): 24.10 points
RB: Adrian Peterson (at DET): 33.10 points
RB: Shane Vereen (at BUF): 22.90 points
WR: Brandon Marshall (at NO): 24.40 points
WR: Demaryius Thomas (at DEN): 33.20 points
TE: Jordan Cameron (vs MIA): 30.30 points
FLEX: Zach Sudfeld (at BUF): 0.00 points
FLEX: Marques Colston (vs ATL): 17.50 points
K: Greg Zuerlein (vs ARI): 16.20 points
DEF: St. Louis (vs ARI): 8.00 points

Team Score: 209.90 points (League Rank: #1, 103rd Overall Rank)

Reaction: This was a beat down. We defeated our opponent, 209.90 to 129.90. Our bench didn’t change from our draft day. We had one decision to make regarding our starting lineup.

Decision #1: Joe Flacco vs. Cam Newton

Another decision regarding Cam Newton. Needless to say, Seattle’s defense is very good and Flacco had a lot of things working in his favor. The Broncos did not have Champ Bailey or Von Miller. Team must throw to keep up with Peyton Manning. That’s about all you need to get on board with Flacco. Flacco’s receiving options outside of Torrey Smith (Dallas Clark, Ed Dickson, Brandon Stokley, Marlon Brown) were pretty poor. Brown scored a garbage time TD, but Flacco lost Jacoby Jones early on after he suffered a knee injury. However, Flacco out-pointed Newton and that’s all that matters in our fantasy world.

Injuries: Shane Vereen broke a small bone in his hand. The Patriots elected to place him on the ‘short-term’ injured reserve. Vereen must sit out the next eight games. Since the Patriots have a Week 10 bye, Vereen won’t return until Week 11. Vereen was awesome against the Bills, so there’s no reason to cut him. He’ll just burn a roster spot and help us win in the playoffs. Our running back depth behind Adrian Peterson (Vereen, Pierre Thomas, Bernard Pierce, Michael Bush) is a little shallow, so we’ll try to make some moves on waivers. 

Final Thoughts: Oy vey, Zach DUDfeld, oy vey. Good first week of action. Both of our opponents had AJ Green, so thankfully, we won’t have to deal with him again. It’s a long season and injuries happen. Let’s hope for a speedy recover for both Roddy and Shane. Note to self for next year: Don’t get caught up in pre-season hype for players that lack talent, but are in good situation!

Good luck in Week 2.