Sportsbook Review is an industry leader in the offshore sports betting community and their innovation continues is one of the reasons they are so recognized. An example of that innovation can be seen in their odds tool, which basketball bettors can appreciate as they lay their action on the playoffs.

The tool can be likened to many utilities that a stock market investors on Wall Street might use. SBR’s odds tool provides bettors the live, up-to-the-second NBA odds, while letting them compare them across 32 different sportsbooks. There is a handy color-coding scheme that allows betters to determine which lines have just changed on the fly. The screen shows all of the basketball matchups available, which games have odds and allows the player easily convert the odds from American to decimal. Once the games have commenced, the scores, time and quarter are shown right in the tool.

The importance of this tool can’t be understated. For starters, just the comparison across all of the books is useful as players no longer have to resort to primitive ways. The previous option would be to log into their accounts at different shops and compare. Now this can quickly and efficiently be done from one screen. This helps discern which sportsbook has the best value on an underdog or the cheapest price on the favorite.

Professional bettors will appreciate the history of the line movements, which can uncover trends in the lines. Users can click on the lines at a specific sportsbook and see the details of where the betting line opened and all of the subsequent movements. That’s available for moneylines, spreads and totals. It also shows when the movement occurred, so players can see if the line moved as soon as it opened or if the line moved minutes before game time.

The stats are archived as well, which makes SBR’s odds tool not only state-of-the-art but one of the most important tools for bettors nowadays.