Ever since the end of the football season, Sunday has been a day for a lot of the top teams in the league to face off in some marquee matchups. The big ones this Sunday are all games that we think the road team is going to be the right side to back.

The Boston Celtics have played well of late, picking up four straight wins and covers going against teams from all over the league. They’ve got the Oklahoma City Thunder on the road on Sunday, and that’s a game that probably won’t be won. Still, these gritty teams that play stellar defense have given the Thunder fits all year long, and Boston is probably going to be another one of those that sticks around until the final gun sounds.

Later in the afternoon, the Chicago Bulls are traveling to the Staples Center to face off with the always-overrated Los Angeles Lakers. Again, we have a team at home that is likely to be favored on the NBA odds against a team that is a pain defensively. C Joakim Noah can neutralize C Dwight Howard, and if that turns out to be the case, the rest of the game could be wide open. Can G Kobe Bryant do it all against a great defense? If the answer is no, Chicago can win this one outright.

And finally, the Miami Heat figure to have a 17-game winning streak headed into Sunday’s soiree with the Indiana Pacers. Miami has the Philadelphia 76ers on Friday night, a game that shouldn’t be problematic, but coming home to face Indiana might be a different story. The Pacers have already picked up a win this year against the boys from South Beach, and they are looking to send a real message to what could be their foe in the Eastern Conference Finals. Could this be the day that the Heat finally fall? Perhaps it will, and perhaps it won’t, but either way, we want the points on our side.