We can learn a lot from a College Basketball Hall of Famer with more than forty years of coaching experience, 902 NCAA Division I coaching victories, and three NCAA Championships. Just in time for March Madness comes a new book from Bob Knight about coaching, leadership, and common sense wisdom. The Power of Negative Thinking is an entertaining rebuttle of Norman Vincent Peal’s 1952 bestseller and is also a concise, thought-provoking expansion on the thesis that Knight advocated for years that disproves silly, optimistic axioms and useless coaching platitudes along the way.

Some of the key stories in the book include:

  • Memories of coaching against Michael Jordan and North Carolina;
  • Playing on the day that Ronald Reagan was shot;
  • Recruiting student athletes;
  • Reflections on his career.

MV Note: Overall, this is a great book that really peels back the man that was coach Bob Knight. A must read for any sports fan! Buy it today on Amazon