The Dwight Howard saga continues to swirl this year, as the Los Angeles Lakers are finding the same problem that the Orlando Magic had. The NBA trade deadline is less than 48 hours away, and now that owner Dr. Jerry Buss has passed away, the Lakers really need to make up their mind without a bona fide leader what they are going to do with Howard, who is a free agent at the end of the season.

If Los Angeles keeps Howard, it can offer him the most money in free agency. There is no doubt that this would weigh heavily on the mind of a center that has spent the mass majority of the last calendar year hurting with various problems. Getting the most money possible has to be considered one of the main goals.

However, we still think that the NBA odds are going to point Howard towards the Brooklyn Nets. This is where Howard wants to play and has wanted to play for the better part of the last two season, as he wants to pair with good friend Deron Williams and try to bring a title to Gotham City.

Here’s the problem, though. The Nets are in bad shape right now in terms of the salary cap. Kris Humphries is due $12M over the course of the next two seasons, and the contract that was given to Joe Johnson ($21M next year, $23M in 2014) and the one given to Williams ($18M next year, $19M in 2014) really make it prohibitive to bring in another star.

That’s why it is vital to look at what the Nets do in these next few days, even more than what the Lakers do. If Brooklyn clears out some salary cap space in some way, shape, or form and can offer Howard a max contract, we are convinced that this is where he is going to end up, whether it be via a straight signing or a sign and trade with the Lakers after the season is said and done with.