The rumor mill is always swirling, and as we get closer and closer to the trade deadline, there are teams that have to make up their minds whether they are buyers or sellers. There are some trades that have already happened and some that could happen any moment now.

The seemingly pending deal is the one involving Carlos Boozer of the Chicago Bulls and Andrea Bargnani of the Toronto Raptors. The Italian has made it known that he has wanted out of Toronto in the past, but he also might be helped out with the Rudy Gay trade. Boozer would bring the team a big frontline starter though, and the Bulls would get the swingman that they really need to add to a team that already has a lot of bigs for the stretch run. If we had to make our NBA predictions, this would be the first trade that we would say is going to happen.

The price on JJ Redick took a hit when he banged up his shoulder, an injury that has cost him back to back games for the Orlando Magic. Redick is going to be the most tradable asset that the Magic have, and since they are going nowhere in a hurry, they need to unload everything that they’ve got. This is a man that will be on the move by the deadline.

Two players that are rumored to not be going anywhere are Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. GM Danny Ainge has declared that there is virtually no chance that either of these cornerstones of the Boston Celtics will be traded by the deadline. With as well as the C’s are playing with five straight wins, it seems as though he is going to go for it again and try to make the trade to help the team now, instead of later.