The one thing you can expect from the New York Giants throughout the regular season is the unexpected.  They can come out and lose a seemingly easy game against a terrible Philadelphia Eagles team then blow out a recovering Saints ball club.  All in all, the Giants are always struggling to make the playoffs and will have yet another road block in their way this coming Sunday when they take on the Atlanta Falcons.  While the NFL odds have the Giants at a two point handicap, they certainly have the tools to win the game this week.  They just need to dig deep and make the right moves.

One of the reasons the team has struggled throughout the season is their unreliable offense.  Quarterback Eli Manning constantly goes from huge wins that see him throwing for upwards of 300 yards and multiple touchdowns to games where he barely gets a hundred yards passing.   He will find ways to constantly get receiver Victor Cruz the ball then not hook up with him for an entire game.  The team needs to evaluate their offensive set up and find a way to get a more stable base that will yield more wins.  While they have proved that they can win big in the playoffs, them getting more wins in the regular season would surely help the team get more favorable match ups come January. 

As it stands now, the Giants will have to find ways to turn over the ball as well as get big plays on offense if they want to keep up with the Falcons this week.  Atlanta has struggled in the last few weeks though which has lead many to believe this game is the Giants for the taking.  If the team can get the ball moving in the air then things will certainly be looking up for them in week 15.