In most season, the Buffalo Bills would be pretty much said and done at just 4-7 with five games to play. However, here in the 2012 AFC, there really isn’t a team that is running away with the last Wild Card spot, and as a result, there are just two games to close on the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cincinnati Bengals, both of which are catchable, knowing that four of the final five games are going to be played at home. None of the five games are against teams that are likely to finish the season above .500 either, though at least as of right now, the Seattle Seahawks are 6-5.

So Head Coach Chan Gailey really needs to be impressing to his team that the season isn’t lost. Taking a closer look at some of the core stats from the last two games, there is reason to smile as well if you’re a bleeding Bill.

The pass rush was the one aspect of this team that truly lacked over the years, and that was supposed to be fixed with the additions of DE Mark Anderson and DE Mario Williams in the offseason. Unfortunately, the squad only amassed 20 sacks over the course of the first nine games of the season. Since that point, there have been seven sacks, and not surprisingly, there is a direct correlation between that increase in sacks and the decrease of points per game allowed.

Buffalo had allowed 31.7 points per game over the course of the first nine games of its season. Since that point, it has only allowed 14 to the Miami Dolphins and 20 to the Indianapolis Colts.

To start off this home stand, the Bills are going to run into the Jacksonville Jaguars, and if you want to make your NFL picks on them, you have to lay 5 ½-points.