With Winter Meetings right around the corner, free agents are trying to secure the best deal possible. Overall, this year’s crop of free agents is top heavy with Josh Hamilton headlining the class. However, there are several key Yankees, incluidng Russell Martin, that are looking for new contracts.

Currently, Martin is asking for a three or four year deal in the neighborhood of $9-$10 million per season. Over the last two season, Russell has been a key cog for the Yankees. While he won’t hit for a high average, Martin manages the Yankee pitching staff well and can hit for power.

With the Yankees aiming to fall below the $189 salary cap by 2014, Martin may unforunately fall out of the Yankees price range (how ironic). If I were to provide some sports betting options, my money would be on the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Pirates are coveting Martin and may offer him a contract that the Yankees won’t. The Yankees may turn to free-agent, Mike Napoli to fill their catching void, but he is coveted by the Red Sox.

Ultimately, Martin will probably take a larger deal outside of New York. He has been a fun player to watch, but the price may not be right for the Yankees.