The New York Jets haven’t had a heck of a lot go their way this year. They’re a 4-6 team, they have one of the most embarrassing offenses in football, and they pretty much have to beat the New England Patriots on Thanksgiving Day night to be able to stay in the playoff chase in the AFC.

If there’s one bright spot though, it is the New York secondary. This unit, even without DB Darrelle Revis for most of the season, still ranks fourth in the league in pass defense at 200.1 yards per game. Part of that is the fact that the offense can’t keep up and teams end up just running the ball to run out the clock on the Jets, but there is still no denying just how good this unit really is at the back.

Case in point: Look back to what happened a few weeks ago when these two teams met. The Jets kept the Pats close every step of the way and forced overtime. Yes, they ultimately lost the game, but they also made a real statement at the time that they could still beat any team in the land in spite of their struggles.

QB Mark Sanchez – yes, that Mark Sanchez – threw for 328 yards and a TD that day. The immortal QB Tom Brady? Just 259 yards and two scores. It was one of the only games this year in which the Patriots scored just a total of two offensive touchdowns.

Since giving up 259 yards to Brady, the New York secondary really has stepped it up. The team allowed 149 yards to the Miami Dolphins, 188 to the Seattle Seahawks, and 170 to the St. Louis Rams, and the last game against St. Louis came when QB Sam Bradford and company threw the ball 44 times.

Still, the Jets at +6 ½ for NFL picks on Sunday at home against New England. If the team is going to pull the upset though, it’s the secondary that is going to have to be big.