We are more than halfway through the football season, ESPN has been overrun with football for months, and the New York Football Giants are on top of the NFC East. Life is good.

However there is something that can ruin a football Sunday, the lame tailgate. It’s a disaster and shame we must all avoid. So while we head into the final stretch of the season, let’s ramp up the fan spirit and throw some ultimate tailgates! Here are some tips on how to ensure you are doing it right:

Tip #1: Food – Bring your grill or bbq. It’s tailgate law. While you’re at it, bring plenty of food as well. There has never been a complaint about too many hotdogs or hamburgers at a tailgate party. Other foods to bring along include chips, a variety of dips (your friend Johnnie’s homemade face melter spicy dip), hot wings, snack mix, and of course Giants cupcakes! To top it off, all food should be served on plates and napkins donned with the Giants’ red, white, and blue.

Tip #2: Drinks – It goes without saying, but it wouldn’t be a true tailgate without beer. The time honored classic is not something you should forget. However, for those Giants fans that are underage or have the role of designated driver, it is important to have other beverage options. Water is always a great idea.

Tip#3: Music – Don’t forget the stereo! You can’t have a party without tunes and you definitely don’t want to miss the pregame interviews. This is the time to show off that custom car stereo that might be created specifically for tailgating parties!

Tip#4: Extras – Remember, tailgating is hard work, so having plenty of comfortable chairs for everyone to sit in is essential. Another thing to look out for is the weather. If it looks like there is a chance of rain, be sure to bring along a table with a large umbrella or pop up tent to keep the food dry. If it is cold, bring along some extra blankets and wear an extra layer of clothing (think of it as a way to wear all of your team apparel at once).

Tip#5: Gear – No Giants game would be complete without the right swagger. Car magnets are a unique way to show your Giants spirit because they look great, are reusable, won’t blow away, or damage your vehicle’s paint. You can get as loud as you want with just about any style of fan or promotional magnet available. With the addition of some red and blue flags, everyone will be able to see your ultimate tailgating machine from any distance.

The most important thing to remember about a tailgating party is to plan ahead: buy food, beverages, and fan gear ahead of time. Pack as much as you can the night before, and remember to check the weather in the morning before the game.

I hope to see you at the game or at the best tailgating location off the field!

Resources for creating the best tailgating experience ever: