1. Rudy Gay can play

Maybe it’s because he’s in Memphis or maybe it’s because he’s just now coming into his prime, whatever reason, I didn’t know until tonight that Rudy Gay was a legit, top tier NBA player. I know he had the tools in college, but hadn’t really heard or seen much of him. Other than knowing he was on the Grizz, he wasn’t really on my radar of star players. Now he is. He has a smooth mid range game, solid three, real length and can rise up over anyone at anytime.

2. Zach Randolph can’t jump

I’m pretty sure that Zach Randolph can’t get both feet off the ground at the same time. While that would be a dis on his physical abilities, it’s actually a compliment to the rest of his game. He can rebound, score and play some defense

3. After a two year hiatus, Sheed still gets technicals on his reputation

Rasheed got called for a technical on a play where I thought that:
1. He didn’t even commit the initial foul, it looked like there was minimal contact if any.
2. After the apparent foul, I didn’t see Wallace do anything that would warrant a technical other than speedily shuffle away with his hands on his head.

Besides for the foul trouble and BS technical, Rasheed almost single handedly kept the Knicks in the game when he came in. Sticking to his preseason sentiment of “teaching these players how to play in the post.”

4. Ray Felton can get to the rim on a reverse whenever he wants

Towards the end of the fourth quarter, when the Knicks still had a shot at a possible comeback, Felton made a few moves to the basket and reversed (using the basket as a pick to the post defender) to the rim to score easily. He did the same thing last night in the stretch against San Antonio when leading the comeback of 12 down with 7 minutes to go, which is much more impressive than the loss to Memphis was depressing. This showing from Felton makes me feel confident that he can get clutch points for the team in high pressure situations throughout the regular season and hopefully into the playoffs.

While it’s the Knicks first loss and they seemed a little erratic with their turnovers, fouls and technicals (4), I don’t hold it against them as too much of a negative. It was also the second night in a row of road games. I think the comeback win in San Antonio meant more on a positive note than this loss in Memphis does on a negative note. Especially considering Memphis is now 7-1 and hasn’t lost at home in the regular season since March 16th (and that was an overtime game).

Todd Giannattasio is a guest blogger for New York State Of Sports. Todd also contributes to Easy Guy Cooking, an easy recipe website for beginner cooks. You can follow him on Twitter @TresnicMedia