Is Head Coach Rex Ryan on his way out the door with the New York Jets? When his team was at its best, the men in green and white looked and felt like a bunch of misfits together. The Jets were the bandits that came to your home stadium with a seemingly unwarranted swagger, and they found a way to scrap and claw their way to the most pivotal of victories.

What was once a locker room in accord is now one of disgust and disgrace at the moment. On Wednesday, the news broke from the New York Post that some of the New York players referred to backup QB Tim Tebow as “terrible” and referred to him as “hated.” Even for as bad as QB Mark Sanchez has been this year, it is clear that at least some of the players in the locker room would rather continue to hitch their wagon to him than the former Florida Gator.

The truth of the matter is that the 2012 Jets may as well be on the Titanic right now. They’re 3-6, they’ve lost five out of six games, and in that stretch, they have been held in single digits three times and without an offensive point in two of those games. They have allowed at least 28 points in four of the six as well, while the special teams unit continues to have meltdown after meltdown.

Now comes the ultimate disgrace. New York is on the road this week against the St. Louis Rams. Yes, these are the same Rams that finished with the second worst record in the NFL last year, and they’re the same Rams that had the No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft just a few years ago. These Rams haven’t closed as a favorite in a regular season game since November 27th of last year, a stretch of 15 straight games.

And yet here St. Louis is, a favorite by 3 ½-points on the NFL odds this Sunday, and it is just one more indication that the Jets might be grounded in 2012 once and for all.