After a rough start to the season, it appeared that the overconfident and overzealous Rex Ryan had learned from his previous ways. In the past, he had been openly cocky about his roster and bragged about what his team what do in the media only to see them fall short of expectations.

Well, it appears old Rex is back. Even though the Jets have looked simply awful at times this season and many would say they’re lucky to be 3-3, Ryan is back to his cocky ways, predicting that his team will beat the New England Patriots on Sunday.

The Jets dug themselves a big hole early in the season and the truth is they are in far better shape than they were two weeks ago. After getting shutout by the San Francisco 49ers at home and losing star cornerback Darelle Revis to a season-ending injury, the Jets looked like they were going to tank. However, a good showing against the Houston Texans (in a loss) and a win over Indianapolis has this team feeling confident.

Nothing has really changed for the Jets, though. The formula of success is still the same. To win, they have to be successful running the football, which they were last week. If Shonn Greene can get going, the Jets can be competitive. If he gets snuffed out, the Jets are in trouble.

The NFL odds makers don’t have as much faith in the Jets as Ryan does as they are 10.5-point underdogs for Sunday’s contest. They’re going to have to break through a tough run defense in New England as the Patriots are ranked sixth in the NFL, giving up just 82.7 rushing yards per game. They’re allowing just 3.4 yards per carry, which is fourth-best in the NFL.

Already Ryan seems confident, the Jets will have to prove they can run the ball on the road and win in New England before everyone else shows the same faith.