The Derek Jeter-Alex Rodriguez relationship has always been…rocky. When they first emerged in the Major League, Jeter and Rodriguez used to share a strong bond. Along with Nomar Garciaparra, these three players made up the ‘Holy Trinity’ of shortstops. However, some off-field incidents severed the bond between A-Rod and Jeter. A-Rod has always wanted to be like Jeter and fit in with the rest of the team. Even when A-Rod joined the Yankees, Jeter was (and still is) the team leader. Do I think A-Rod secretly wanted to be the team leader? Of course. With Jeter lost for the season, A-Rod has his opportunity to lead the Yankees.

The entire Yankee offense has been putrid, but A-Rod has an opportunity to lead. I don’t want to see A-Rod on the bench next to Jeter and Mariano anymore. Eric Chavez is 0-for-11 with six strikeouts, so it’s not like Chavez is Mike Schmidt. Give A-Rod a chance to live (or die) in the playoffs. If Girardi keeps benching or pinch hitting for A-Rod, A-Rod might as well stay home. Girardi has to keep giving A-Rod chances. If A-Rod is injured, Girardi needs to announce that and sit him down. This whole in-between game with A-Rod just stinks. One way or another, A-Rod will leave his legacy after the post-season ends. A-Rod will either lead the Yankees to the World Series without Jeter or flounder away in the ALCS. That’s it. A-Rod is one of the five best players ever to wear a baseball uniform, so he needs to be out there for every game.