After a hard loss in week four to division rivals the Philadelphia Eagles, the Giants bounced back with a win against the Cleveland Browns.  They will need more than what they brought to Sunday’s game if they wish to beat the 49ers in San Fransisco this week.  The Niners have blown out the last two teams they’ve played, which does not look good for a Giants team that so easily gives up points.  They will need to get things together on defense if they want to even have a chance in week 6.

The Giants gave up 27 points to the Browns this week. This is not a good statistic to have against one of the worst scoring teams in the league when you have to go in and play a team that blew out their last two match ups.  The Giants defense needs to get something together if they want to have a chance in this game.  The Niners’ offense looks terrifying to deal with at this point in the season and may be not only the team to beat in the NFC, but the team to beat in the entire NFL.  The Giants have been thriving on offense as well, but they do not have a defense anywhere near San Francisco’s.  While the Giants have allowed over 100 points in only five games this season, the Niners have allowed less than 70 and continue to get turnover after turnover with every passing week.  New York quarterback Eli Manning needs a huge day with hook ups with Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks throughout the day if he wants a win in San Francisco this week.

The NFL odds have the Giants at a +6 point spread on the week, which they certainly have a chance of covering.  They will be a risky choice, however, if only because of how thoroughly the 49ers dissected both the Jets and the Bills in the last two weeks.  Pick them at your own risk this week.