Through two preseason games, the New York Jets have failed to score an offensive touchdown. While most will argue that the preseason is meaningless, the Jets’ futile offensive showing is troublesome. During last night’s 26-3 loss to the Giants, the Jets gave up seven total sacks and looked like the league’s worst offense. The Jets’ first team offense went 0-for-6 on third downs, allowed three sacks, and were stymied twice on third-and-one and fourth-and-one. While Mark Sanchez completed 9-of-11 pass attempts, one of his errant passes was intercepted by Giants’ rookie, Jayron Hosley and returned for a touchdown.

After Sanchez’s lackluster performance, some Jet fans began to clamor for Tim Tebow. However, Tebow wasn’t much better, completing just 5-of-14 pass attempts and short hopping a wide open Stephen Hill in the end zone.¬†

After the first team offense was taken out, Shonn Greene was visually upset on the sidelines. Greene stated that he was ‘very concerned’ that the offense hasn’t scored yet. While Rex and Sanchez claim they ‘aren’t too worried yet’, the Carolina Panthers are coming to town next weekend. The third pre-season game is the ‘dress¬†rehearsal’ game where the starters see extended action. While the Panthers present some challenges on both sides of the ball, New York’s Week 1 match-up against the Bills is only three weeks away. The Jets better find their way into the end zone or it’ll be an extremely long, frustrating season.¬†