The New York Jets are one of the NFL’s enigmas. They trash-talk as if they’ve won a handful of Super Bowl rings yet they’re track record shows they haven’t registered a title during the Rex Ryan era.

NFL odds makers know that the Jets are talented enough to win it all in the 2012-13 season but can they put aside the off-field issues and perform up to their expectations on the field?

Here are the three most important players for the Jets upcoming season and not surprisingly – since the defense has been doggone good under Rex Ryan – they are all on the offensive side of the ball.

Mark Sanchez

The reason the Jets added Tim Tebow to the roster isn’t so that they can eventually ditch Sanchez and switch to an offense that the Denver Broncos were running down the stretch of last season. Instead, the Jets are trying to light a fire under Sanchez to get him to work harder and become the player they believe him to be.

If he can be a franchise quarterback, the Jets are a Super Bowl contender. If he flops again and the Jets have to revert to Tebow, this team is barely a playoff contender.

Stephen Hill

Odd as it may to see a rookie receiver being crucial to the Jets success, Hill – or any other receiver not-named Santonio Holmes – could very well end up being critical to the team’s success.

The Jets passing offense has been sluggish in recent years and Sanchez – or whoever is quarterback – needs help. Holmes is a nice piece and so is Dustin Keller, but the Jets need more. That’s why they drafted Hill. If he can be an explosive playmaker down the field, the Jets may be able to really open things up on offense.

Shonn Greene

The Jets have been waiting on a breakout season from Greene ever since he averaged five yards per carry in his rookie campaign. But after three seasons in the NFL – and 45 games played – Greene has just 2360 rushing yards and 10 touchdowns.

Greene needs to prove he’s the workhorse the Jets deem him to be. The passing game is a work in progress and the defense can only carry this team so far. With no experienced depth behind him, it’s Greene or bust for the Jets running game this season. If it’s bust, the Jets aren’t even a playoff team.