The city of New York just got its’ second NBA team, and the days of the Knicks being the only show in town are over. It’s arguable that the Nets have moved in with a better team already. With that being said, which one of these teams will win a title first, the Knicks or Nets? Both have super star talent, and both are willing to spend the money. Better yet, which one will end up with a better record in the NBA picks next season?

The Nets moving to Brooklyn may light a fire under the Knicks. Brooklyn comes in with a super star point guard, Deron Williams, under contract for the next five years, they also have four other guys on huge contracts and who will surely be lighting up Barclays Center when it’s ready for NBA action.

Although they have a lot of talent, Brooklyn has saddled themselves with a mountain of debt. In just their starting five, the Nets have over $70 million invested in just those five guys next season. Which means they will be a tax paying team before they even start to pay their bench. They will have to fill out their roster with minimums and rookies.

The Knicks are in a similar situation, but with more money and possibly less talent. The Knicks actually have 13 players under contract for next season, and they will be just over the tax threshold. However, with Amare Stoudemire locked in for the next three seasons (and no way out because the Knicks already used their amnesty clause) New York has a lot of money locked up.

Personally, I think the Nets have pole vaulted over the Knicks as title favorites in New York. The Knicks have always found a way to screw things up, and right now, the Nets will have more cap room in the next few seasons. Plus, they are MUCH younger.