Incarcerated Bob, aka IBN, has a very strong following on Twitter. With over 33,000 followers, Bob claims to be in the ‘#1 Underground *Breaking Sports News*’ outlet. In addition, Bob wrote a blogspot article, boasting why he is a credible source. While almost every media member does not feel the need to write about his/her legitmacy, Bob feels the need to constantly defend himself and block users that do not agree with his opinions. Given Bob’s assertions that he is better than the main stream media (ESPN and WFAN are often cited), I decided to track Bob’s accuracy (with screen shots). Bob boasted that 90 percent of his stories are confirmed days later by MSM outlets. With 90 percent as my baseline, let’s see how accurate Bob has been over the last month…

Story #1: Bob reports that Deron Williams will not re-sign with the Nets. (Evidence)

Prior to the NBA Draft, Bob tweeted that Deron Williams would not be joining the Nets in Brooklyn. With the Nets sitting on a lottery-protected first round pick, Bob stated that the Nets landing the #1 pick did not matter.

Verdict: Williams did re-sign with the Nets. While Bob flip flopped on this story, his initial report was bogus. Bob took credit that his second story was a ‘hit’, but people who actually pay attention realize that Bob’s initial guess was not correct.

Result: 0 for 1

Story #2: Bob reports that the Penguins have signed Zach Parise (Evidence)

Parise was clearly the biggest free agent fish and Bob did not hesitate to throw out a guess on Parise. Once again, Bob started pounding his chest, stating that he had beaten ESPN to the NHL’s biggest free agent story. When the Parise ‘scoop’ started to lose steam, Bob started to blame Parise’s wife for his inaccurate scoop. When wrong, Bob will blantantly blast a follower for challenging his inaccurate story. In this example, Bob tells the follower that he never reported that the Penguins ‘signed’ Parise when it’s obvious that he did. Parise was never linked to Pittsburgh, so it’s obvious that this was another guess by Bob.

Verdict: Parise signed a massive contract with the Minnesota Wild.

Result: 0 for 2

Story #3: Bob reports that Nash will sign with Raptors (if they offer the biggest deal), then reports Nash has SIGNED with the Knicks. (Evidence 1) (Evidence 2)

This may be Bob’s biggest miss to date. Within a 10-hour window, Bob made two horribly inaccurate guesses before the Suns and Lakers finalized a sign-and-trade for Nash. Typically, sign-and-trades are very complex and take numerous days to complete. Top insiders typically do not miss this horribly on the biggest scoops.

Verdict: Nash was traded in the Lakers in a sign-and-trade.

Results: 0 for 4

Story #4: Bob reports Ray Allen deal is 95% done with Heat; Raymond Felton coming to Knicks in a sign-and trade (Evidence)

Bob is officially on the board with two correct scoops.

Results: 2 for 6

Story #5: Bob reports Baylor WR Josh Gordon will join Bills, Dolphins, Browns, Raiders, OR Vikings (Evidence)

This is a very, very common tactic by Bob. Bob will throw out a few different team names and when one sticks, Bob will count it as a hit. For the purpose of this article, we won’t count this as a hit or miss.

Verdict: Gordon signed with the Browns.

Story #6: Bob reports that Dwight Howard will join the Nets (Evidence 1) (Evidence 2) (Evidence 3)

Obviously the biggest story of the summer. Bob spent a lot of time pounding his chest that he nailed this story. Bob stated that ‘late media’ will get ‘chirped’. Soon after these tweets, the Nets signed Brook Lopez, ending the Nets’ hopes to land Dwight Howard. Bob was very, very quiet after the Lopez signing and still insist that Howard will end up with the Nets. As of now, this is another massive miss by IBN.

Verdict: Howard is still a member of the Magic, but couldn’t join the Nets when Bob stated.

Result: 2 for 7

Story #7: Bob reports that the Knicks will match the offer for Jeremy Lin (Evidence)

This story doesn’t need any explanation.

Verdict: The Knicks did not match Lin’s offer.

Result: 2 for 8

After following eight of the summer’s largest stories, Bob’s success rate was a paltry 25 percent. Bob has had his share of massive misses in the past (Asomugha to NYJ) and a few really nice guesses (Manning to DEN). While Bob will boast that he is better than ESPN, his success rate indicates that he is nothing more than a normal sports fan who tries to be a so-called insider. Bob claims to have sources within every single professional sports organization, but that’s just not even possible. Even the industries very best insiders (Adam Schefler) have difficulty mastering one sport, let alone four.

At the end of the day, Bob is a very entertaining ‘Twitter’ personality. Bob claims that he has been given offers from Sid Rosenberg, WFAN, and other major outlets for his sports expertise. In addition, Bob claims to make six figures for his insider services. While no viable outlet will pay for 25 percent accuracy, Bob’s assertions are as accurate as his Steve Nash scoop. I recommend that every sports fan follows Bob for pure entertainment. Followers can laugh at Bob’s inaccurate scoops and constant chest pounding when he gets one out of every four scoops. Clearly, Incarcerated Bob is not better than ESPN.