Will having to deal with pricey stadium renovations have any effect on Buffalo in the NFL odds this coming season?

While the Bills have made splashes in the offseason, there are still concerns with the lease surrounding Ralph Wilson Stadium.

First, let’s get the actual football stuff out of the way and talk about Buffalo’s huge acquisition of Mario Williams. A freak of nature on the defensive side of the ball, Williams was the most coveted player during the offseason and it came as somewhat of a surprise that he opted to choose the Bills.

Still, as of now the franchise has a larger issue to deal with at the present time, with the lease at the stadium set to expire in July of next year.

The main questions revolve around who’s going to be taking on most of the financial responsibility to pay for various stadium upgrades and renovations. Will it be the team or Erie County?

The country has already stated that want to keep the Bills “economically viable” and also have agreed to pay at least some of the money towards the project. They just want a little help from the team in doing so.

Just how much dough are we talking about here? According to sources, the renovations should cost anywhere from $200 to $220 million and are likely to take close to three years.

No doubt this is a frustrating situation to have to deal with as training camp approaches. The Bills would be wise to swallow their pride and meet with county officials in order to grind out a deal and provide fans with a little more security going forward.

All it’s going to take is a little sacrifice from both sides and Ralph Wilson, new and improved a few years down the road, will remain the home of Buffalo’s beloved franchise.