The Knicks have until Tuesday night to match Houston’s contract offer for Jeremy Lin. On Saturday night, the Knicks completed a sign-and-trade for point guard, Raymond Felton, casting doubt that the Knicks will match Houston’s offer. Currently, the Knicks have Felton and Jason Kidd under contract for next season, so point guard isn’t a dire need. However, Jeremy Lin is a poliarizing figure on and off the court. Before blowing out his knee, Lin was dynamic and helped restore New York basketball–something Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire have failed to do. Not only did Lin add wins to the Knicks record, but he added dollars to the MSG’s declining stock price. At 23-years-old and entering the prime of his career, the Knicks would look foolish if they just let Lin go.

While Houston’s three-year, $27 million contract offer from Houston represents some financial ramifications, the Knicks are in ‘win-now’ mode. Why would they just let one of the NBA’s most exciting players just walk away? If anything, James Dolan has always been emotional owner and he may be upset that Lin structed a deal that will hinder the Knicks’ long-term growth. In addition, Anthony never seemed to fully embrace Lin. Perhaps, Anthony has gotten into Dolan’s ear and has told him that the Knicks should move on without him. Ego can cloud one’s decision making, but can it happen with a young, budding point guard only tapping into his potential? Letting Lin go would be a decision that the Knicks will regret for the next decade.